Chris Hamm
Chris Hamm

By Chris Hamm


I am grateful to have been reelected to serve San Clemente for another four years. It is my goal to ensure San Clemente gets better all the time and that everyone has an opportunity to provide input and share in our progress.

As we look to 2017, we have much to be thankful for in our town, including the friendly people, world-renowned surf, beaches and climate. San Clemente is truly one of the most desirable places to live and work in California.

Further, San Clemente’s financial management practices are prudent and focus on ensuring a balanced budget is adopted every year on time. Our city consistently receives an AAA credit rating from Standard & Poor’s (the highest rating) due to its rigorous standards and attention to solvency. We plan to continue this track record while ensuring our residents receive the highest quality public services.

As a native of San Clemente, one thing I love most about the city is its rich history. I am proud of our city’s dedication to maintaining our town’s history, most notably in the downtown district centered along El Camino Real and Avenida Del Mar. San Clemente’s Spanish tile rooftops and white stucco walls are subtle expressions of the town’s historic roots. The city’s founder Ole Hanson designated that all buildings must be approved by an architectural review board in order to retain control over development and building style. To this day, the city prides itself on maintaining its historic feel featuring original Ole Hanson cottages, the Ole Hanson Beach Club and the original home of the city’s founder, which has been transformed into the Casa Romantica Cultural Center & Gardens.

There’s still one more landmark in need of restoration and that is the Miramar Theater in beautiful North Beach. Though the building, built in 1938 and closed for two decades, is privately owned, the city must still be involved in the permitting and planning approval process. The city will ensure the historic significance of the building is preserved. Due to its proximity to the beach, the California Coastal Commission will also have a say in the project. Currently, a plan has been submitted by the private owners of the Miramar. The owner’s plan is to revive the property as a performing arts center and transform the space that long ago housed a bowling alley into a collection of small specialty restaurants in a courtyard setting. There are also plans by the North Beach Community Association to apply with the city to host a farmers market and arts and crafts fair, much like we see on Sundays along Avenida Del Mar, which have proven to be a great way to bring the community together.

I wish you a very happy and healthy holiday season! I hope to see you downtown for the city’s annual Santa’s Village by the Sea event, the Downtown Business Association’s “Puttin’ on the Glitz” and “Christmas at the Casa,” all planned for Saturday, Dec. 3. For details, visit

Chris Hamm is a City Councilman who was first elected to City Council in 2012 and served as mayor in 2015. Although the election results are still coming in, he leads the polls by a margin of votes more than what the Orange County Registrar of Voters said is left for San Clemente.

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  • A statement of fact
    The Miramar theater has blighted the north beach area for 20 years with no code enforcement or reason for its existence ,, why does it still exist . owned by out of town speculators that are unwilling to repair this ruin and do not have to gaze upon it , the blight is solely the north beach residents burden
    preserved by a dysfunctional historical society that is willing to step upon the necks of north beach’s equity and favor the historical property owner no matter how bad their behavior or pandering
    all the Wyle drug rehabs homes exist without needed parking , the casino exists without coded parking needs all in favor of these businesses ,, in the meantime my million dollar development is blocked because of lack of one guess parking space, and my ability to earn a living is hindered because of a ladder on my truck ,, and my properties value are impacted because of a seedy building with no upkeep no parking all in favor of slobs and snobs
    what’s next selective rescue and fire its time you earn that blue collar fire and police have and stop harassing and selectively enforcing codes and laws

  • A lot of bold statements from Mr. Hamm. I can’t help but notice his poor attendance record. Shows up late. Leaves early. And too many times he is a complete no show. Odd for someone that won re-election by the highest number of votes. We want a full time representative. Hope one of his objectives is to show up on time stay until the end and never miss a meeting. Is that too much to ask?

  • Appreciate the insight shared by Chris Hamm two months ago December.

    Found the soapboxing/rant comment just posted this month (two months and a half months later) to be disingenuous. It lacks context and does not offer a remedy, solution, etc. Sadly there has been a real drop off in integrity by some of the commentators. Instead of working out their concerns with an individual they throw a cowardly comment bomb out in cyberspace. Not cool, and not what San Clementians are about.

    Here’s some added context…

    Chris Hamm’s first four years speak for itself. He was there for all the important decisions and had an almost perfect attendance record.

    Chris Hamm got the most votes each time he was elected because he is a lifelong resident that has demonstrated repeatedly that he has the residents interests at heart in our awesome and predominantly residential town.

comments (3)

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