By Jake Howard

Not afraid to step on a longboard or a shortboard, this week’s Grom of the Week is 13-year-old Aidan Sautner. A seventh-grader at Shorecliffs Middle School, he’s all about being in the water. His dad first introduced him to surfing when he was only five years old, and eight years later his parents are still having a heck of a time getting him out of the water.

“I usually surf the point at San O or Church for longboarding, or Rivi’s and T-Street when I shortboard,” Aidan said. “When I get to surf outside of Orange County, I love to surf Swami’s and Malibu.”

Aidan Sautner: Photo: Courtesy
Aidan Sautner. Photo: Courtesy

Stoked for all the right reasons, he says, “The things I enjoy most about surfing is being out in nature having fun and being with my family at the beach. Of course, I also love the feeling you get when you get a great nose walk or a barrel.”

As far as his favorite surfers, he lists icons Kelly Slater and Mick Fanning at the top, with a significant nod to longboard stylists Taylor Jensen and Joel Tudor.

“I always surf for fun, but my goals with surfing are to continue to do well in my surf competitions for Shorecliffs Middle School and in my Longboard Coalition contests—I surf for the Doheny Longboard Club,” Aidan said. “I would like to make the surf team for longboarding at San Clemente High School.”

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