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Bodhi Adam. Photo: Courtesy

By Jake Howard

Surfing keeps all of us young, which might be why we get so stoked when we see a kid the size of a remote-control surfer jamming down the line.

Meet six-year-old Bodhi Adam. Already a San Clemente regular, he’s been surfing since he was three and a half. His favorite spots include T Street, Middles, and when he wants to escape the confines of the city limits, he knows how to weasel a ride down to Oceanside from his old man, Ryan Aguilar.

“He gets super stoked on dawn patrol sessions with dad, watching John Florence get barreled, and kicking out of a really long wave,” said Aguilar, who’s also an advocate for building a new skatepark in San Clemente. “He also likes steep drops and looking in pictures to see if his turns got any ‘spit’—what he calls the spray.”

Young Bodhi’s favorite board is a custom shape from local board builder Cole Simler. And when he’s not in the water, you might find him rolling around on four wheels.

“He gets pretty stoked on skateboarding too,” said Aguilar.

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