By Jake Howard

Sometimes all it takes is just one wave to make a difference. Look no further than Dana Point’s Hayden Homan.

Recipient of the Andy Irons Charging award at a recent Dana Point Surf Club contest, 12-year-old Homan wasn’t holding anything back in the challenging three- to four-foot pulses.

Hayden Homan. Photo: Courtesy
Hayden Homan. Photo: Courtesy

“He took off on a dry-rock Creek set wave and with the Chopes air drop into the pit. It was mental,” described club co-founder Eric Diamond. “We wanted all the younger kids in the event to have a crack at it, and Hayden was definitely charging hard.”

As far as what you need to know about the little Dana Point hammer thrower, Hayden’s pops taught him to surf when he was only 5 years old. He’s one of the youngest surfers on the Dana Point Surf Club roster, and proof that he’s not fully grown up, he lists his dad among his favorite people to surf with. When it comes to getting psyched on surfing, his favorites include John John Florence, Filipe Toledo and local boy Kolohe Andino. He’s also a heavy consumer of surf videos for that pre-surf amp.

When asked what it means to be part of the Dana Point Surf Club his answer was spot on: “family, fun and friends!”

Keep charging, Hayden! Something tells us you’re just getting warmed up.

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