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While looking at my calendar I realized Labor Day was just around the corner, and my mind started thinking of what this special day means to me. Labor Day was originally a day set aside to celebrate all the workers of this nation. I know, because as a retired person, I can look back on all the years I devoted to my chosen profession. Somehow I’m finding that thanking those who have worked or are working just doesn’t seem to fulfill my thoughts behind this holiday.

Instead I would like to offer a suggestion that, if you feel as I do, is more appropriate to focus your attention on this Labor Day: I would like to have you consider you look to those in the past and those who are currently spending each day living up to a commitment each made on your behalf. That commitment is to protect the United States of America even unto their death. Have you ever made such a commitment?  If so, you have been or you are a member of the Armed Forces of the United States of America. To my knowledge only they have given such a promise. Only they have put their lives on the line to support that promise. Only they know what it feels like to truly love the United States of America. On this Labor Day find someone who has worn or is wearing a uniform of the United States of America Military. They work every day for all of us and should be especially remembered on this Labor Day Holiday. Say, “thanks,” shake a hand, give a pat on the back and tell them how proud you are of them. Help them to support the promise they made on your behalf. Be faithful to them because they are faithful to all of us each and every day of their lives. To my knowledge, no one has relieved me from my promise and commitment I made some 52 years ago. I will still defend the United States of America to the best of my ability, even unto death.


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