Steve Netherby, San Clemente

I couldn’t be more pleased about the new Transportation Corridor Agencies (TCA) avoidance area that guarantees Donna O’Neil Land Conservancy, Trestles, our two state parks and much of the eastern San Clemente backcountry will be protected from a toll road.

Some city leaders and others are upset about the hard-won agreement that produced that avoidance area, but I don’t think they have taken into account the recreational, environmental, economic and quality of life value of those lands and waters.

I agree that handcuffing the Save San Onofre Coalition in the fight against the newly proposed toll road routes is a steep price to pay for that protection, but saving that unique and supremely valuable open space is worth the cost. And new citizen coalitions are already rising up—with righteous fervor—to defend our communities and our remaining open space. I have every confidence the citizens of San Clemente and our neighboring communities will prevail against these mindless, soulless, reckless TCA proposals.

Let’s face it: TCA’s true mission is to perpetuate its existence and to justify the obscene amounts of money (much of it our tax money) it’s managed to corral. It’s driven to lay concrete, and it could care less about the quality of life—wild or human—in South Orange County.

It’s been established that more roads don’t equate to less traffic (picture Los Angeles at rush hour—or any other hour, for that matter). We must throw all available resources, especially our newly mobilized people power, behind the “no build” option and seek to abolish the TCA.

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