Capt. Ross Aimer, San Clemente

I read with sadness that cigarette butts are littering our beautiful beaches and walk paths.

I have traveled the world and find our pristine city by the sea to be one of most beautiful places I have ever seen.

Hiking the stunningly gorgeous Sea Summit Trails, I also find unusual amounts of dog deposits left on the side of the trail by irresponsible dog owners. It is a crying shame to add to the environmental trashing of our home and our little planet. Remember, we only have one of those in this universe to leave behind for our children. Let us be a little more responsible and better stewards.

The good news about the idea of burying 3.6 million pounds of nuclear waste at SONGS is that we can soon look forward to surfing at night, under the soft glow of the “warm” waters of the Eastern Pacific Ocean.

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  • well said

    but id rather step in dog poo than nuke poo

    maybe we can sell the canisters as pool heaters just drop one in your pool and save save save

comments (1)

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