Donna Carter, San Clemente

On Oct. 4, I received a call from a research company. I agreed to take the survey and quickly realized it was a survey fielded by the environmental groups who secretly met with the Transportation Corridor Agencies (TCA) to devise the agreement that would prohibit building the toll road through San Onofre. This biased and badly constructed survey went on for roughly 15 minutes trying to build an escalating case of why the toll road should not be built there with a myriad of patently false statements and confusing questions designed to trip up the public. Beware when environmental groups start trotting out these skewed “results” as being reflective of public opinion. They are not. Those of us who live in San Clemente don’t want a toll road through our open space within the city limits destroying our home values and “Spanish Village by the Sea” character. Many of us do, however, support a toll road that ultimately connects to Interstate 5. I’m a 25-year resident of San Clemente, and I support the toll road being built through San Onofre.

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