Joe Tolosa, San Clemente

In the April 6-12 issue of the San Clemente Times, there is a letter from Enrique Romero advocating the toll road go through Camp Pendleton, and in the April 13-19 edition there is an article about Mayor Kathy Ward lamenting the some of the plans of the toll road through the city.
Also in the issue there is a letter by Cyndy Stauffer commenting on the need for an alternate route of the toll road and misleading statements by Save Trestles.
About three weeks ago, we drove to Carlsbad and observed the landscape between San Clemente and Oceanside. I got to thinking that Camp Pendleton is a very large military camp. It is about 20 miles between these two cities and extends east a considerable amount of miles. Camp Pendleton consists of about 190 square miles and 125,000 acres. It seems to be that the best route for the toll road would be through the very northern part of Camp Pendleton. I am sure that Camp Pendleton could spare the ten square miles or less need for the toll road and would really be a magnificent public service on their part to be good citizens.
As we saw the Trestles option was a bogus issue, and insofar as the toads and gnat catchers, there are tons of acres out there for them to survive.
On the way back from Carlsbad, we were able to stop at the new In-N-Out in Oceanside along the freeway, and that city certainly gained a great facility.

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  • Joe,
    The fundamental misconception in your piece is calling the toll road a magnificent public service. It is first a project by an agency whose mission is to build toll roads, so this is what they do regardless of actual long-term utility or benefits, and a little more convenience is not whats needed, compared with limiting the massive over-development that causes the traffic in the first place. And while the base has plenty of land, the rest of the toll road route south of Ortega Hwy would pass through some very rich, wild lands. Over the long term, this rare land is of much greater value than another convenience.

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