Tim Garrett, San Clemente

The Transportation Corridor Agencies (TCA) toll road proposals and the claim of reducing traffic is a complete and utter farce. The only things this is doing is crushing our property values and holding our town hostage. We’ve been trying to sell our home in The Reserve East in an attempt to downsize. After 100 days on the market, we finally got a fair offer from a family outside the area. We made the assumption they knew about the toll road with all the hype around it, but they did not. In the midst of misinformation and fear around it they ended up dropping out of the sale.

The toll road hype is literally costing us hundreds of thousands of dollars. Obviously, we’re not the only ones in this situation. Anyone who is on the proposed paths is being affected dramatically. The reality is the toll road can only create more traffic by putting more cars on the road that will be pinched going into and out of Camp Pendleton.

We’re sorry, Surfrider Foundation, but you did not finish the job. I was active in helping you fight that fight. You may have protected a critical area, but all you really did was create a wall to force the snake to go on another path right through a historic town. Please don’t hide behind that agreement, as it looks like you have been paid off and do not care for everybody else that was supporting you through your initial fight. Help us take the head off of the snake. The TCA must be stopped!

The TCA is not here to relieve traffic, it is here to build toll roads seemingly at any cost. Toll roads have proven to be unbelievably ineffective, as they are extremely expensive to use and use is purely for overflow situations. Think about who the toll road really helps and really hurts. It only helps developers put more homes and more cars on its path, but it devastates existing property values, creates more pollution and the environmental impacts are irreversible.

The toll road has reared its ugly head to devastate our property value. The fight is not over. Please get active and kill this toll road.

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  • hahahah Blaming the surf rider foundation? Really

  • We live in Broadmoor and are on the same boat if we try to sell. We bought our home a year ago and had no idea. Neither or realtor or the seller’s informed us. We would not have purchased it if we had known. If we turn around and sell, then we will take a huge loss. I talked to a lot of folks and you’re not alone with your thoughts to the Surfrider Foundation. What they might not realize is that if this route goes through SC, it will still bring a lot of non-locals to their Trestles surf.

  • this all reminds me of the same problems the miramar theater is pulling , clogged traffic no more beach parking no more neighborhood parking and a huge hit in property values

comments (3)

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