By Janet Dupree, San Clemente

I think there needs to be a reference border for South Orange County. Let’s call everything south of Mission Viejo the “Deep South.” The closer to north San Diego County, the deeper you are. That said, we in the Deep South of our dear Orange County do not have a commuter-traffic congestion problem. The weekday commuter congestion starts in Mission Viejo at Crown Valley and continues northbound when thousands of people living east and west of the I-5 enter the freeway. No way do those of us in the Deep South begin to have the impact on the northbound I-5 as those coming from east and west of Crown Valley (and, of course the 74 dumping onto the I-5 at Ortega). The southbound, weekend congestion that we do experience in the Deep South results from the “let’s go to San Diego/Mexico” weekend drivers. The weekend congestion southbound into San Diego County is not an Orange County problem, and there is no toll road that can alleviate it—especially one that actually dumps more cars onto southbound I-5. God bless the United States Marine Corps. I love being neighbors with Camp Pendleton. However, if there is an accident between San Clemente and Oceanside, there is no alternative route around Camp Pendleton. It is all common sense. I cannot understand how any traffic engineer could possibly imagine how a toll road that dumps traffic into the Deep South would alleviate the northbound commuter congestion that starts in Mission Viejo or the weekend congestion heading to San Diego County.

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