Jerry Collamer, San Clemente

Back in 1977, the Happy Days character Fonzie “jumped the shark” on water skis. An over-the-top concept, signaling Happy Days had run out of “good” ideas. Since Fonzie’s leap, now known as “jumping the shark,” has come to represent bad ideas presented as good ideas, it’s a really bad idea.
Enter, the Transportation Corridor Agencies (TCA) threatening to punch a toll road straight down Pico, through the heart of San Clemente? This is an idea so exasperatingly stupid, even Orange County politicians, long aligned with TCA, are calling foul.

For people who have not paid attention, TCA’s threatened Pico alignment is not new. This was first presented over a decade ago in an attempt to scare San Clementeans into approving TCA’s now-dead-and-buried San Mateo Watershed/Trestles alignment. Point being: TCA is out of ideas, out of projects and out of their collective minds, as they strap on water skis to attempt a looney jump over common sense.

TCA’s toll roads have run their course here. There is zero transportation benefit to Orange County commuters in paving a 241 connector at Oso Parkway to I-5, somewhere.

Without TCA’s fantasy 241-south extension blasting through San Clemente at Pico

(or anywhere for that matter), TCA has no justification to exist. TCA doesn’t manage its

toll roads when completed. Caltrans does. TCA doesn’t even manage toll collections; that’s outsourced too. TCA has nothing.
When Fonzie jumped the shark, Happy Days limped toward its final cancellation. Let’s cancel TCA now. Its show is over. In fact, it’s embarrassing to watch. Abolish TCA.

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