Bill Hezzelwood, San Clemente

I’ll admit that I haven’t followed all the ideas that have been suggested for extending the 241 Toll Road, so I apologize if this is repetitious. As I understand it, the original plan for the 241 going back to the very early planning days called for it to follow the route that has now been rejected by the “Protective Agreement” between the Save San Onofre Coalition and the TCA, which grew out of concern for the San Mateo Creek watershed and the San Onofre State Park.

Why not consider putting the 241 through a tunnel along essentially the same route? It could go underground before it even arrives at the creek and resurface on the south side of Interstate 5 just in time to make a left turn and merge to the southbound lanes. Northbound traffic could enter the tunnel from the north side of I-5. My rough estimate is that such a tunnel would be about 5 miles long. I’m pretty sure the tunnel in Northern California that will carry water under the delta will be at least that long.

Just a thought.

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