By Eric Heinz 

On Monday, a man in his 30s was struck by a Metrolink train about one mile north of San Clemente Pier and was declared dead on the scene, Orange County Fire Authority officials confirmed.

“He had a hospital wristband on, and we don’t know what that indicates,” OCFA Capt. Larry Kurtz said.
This is at least the third instance in which someone has been struck by a train on the San Clemente railroad this month. San Clemente Times will receive a report regarding pedestrian-involved accidents on the area’s railroad from OCFA this week.

Whether the holiday season has anything to do with the uptick in suicide instances is likely a “myth,” according to Kristi Hugstad, whose husband committed suicide four years ago. Hugstad is a blogger for The Huffington Post,, and an author on the subject matter. She also does grief counseling for people experiencing loss due to a loved one’s suicide.

“The holidays are stressful for all of us and that tends to lead people to eat or drink more than normal,” Hugstad said. “But the rate (of suicide completions) normally peaks in the spring. The holidays usually allows people to be surrounded by support groups.”

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