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The San Clemente Beach Conservation Program has been making headway with its efforts to increase beach cleanup events and to raise awareness of keeping the ocean clean.

Shon Miller, executive director and founder of the nonprofit, gathered dozens of people on Friday, Jan. 6, who collected more than 30 pounds of trash at San Onofre State Beach and another 40 pounds at Riviera Beach. Participants also picked up trash during The Bluffs 5K/12K run, which was hosted by the San Onofre Parks Foundation and Rock It Racing.

The next beach cleanup for San Clemente Beach Conservancy Program will take place Jan. 21 at noon at San Onofre State Beach Trail No. 1. And another beach cleanup is scheduled for Super Bowl Sunday (Feb. 4) along with another 5K/12K run.

Last month, the program officially adopted San Clemente State Beach as part of a pledge to continue their efforts of ocean protection.

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  • Oh what a feeling, you truly do feel great afterwards. It’s community and friends and families, very young and those of certain ages. It’s laughing and challenging each other to see who can fill their bag with the most! It’s s’mores and pizza, and going home and feeling like you gave back to a place we all call home! Come join us, it’s the only way you can understand “the feeling “!

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