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Day 1, Saturday, July 20

Pier Bowl Surf Classic

Men’s 25U: Gold – Nate Pierce; Silver – Wyatt Brady; Bronze – Mitchell Tysler

Men’s 36+: Gold – Brandon Stinson; Silver – Robert Brady; Bronze – Cody Brady

Women’s Open: Gold – Sierra Downer; Silver – Malia Rimavicus; Bronze – Julia Guild

Groms Rule Surf Contest

Push-In 7U: Gold – Zion Walla; Silver – Moses Hennings; Bronze – Pierce Bailey

Fishing Derby

Children’s Division

Heaviest Fish: Gold – Jeremiah Aguro, 12.5-inch spot fin croaker; Silver – Isabella Wang, 9.5-inch perch

Surf rescue competitors make their way toward sbore. Photo: Fred Swegles
Surf rescue competitors make their way toward sbore. Photo: Fred Swegles

Athletic Race Events

Men’s Lifeguard: Gold – Hayden Hemmens; Silver – Jeff Hart; Bronze – Brian Murphy

Women’s Lifeguard: Gold – Kelsey Cummings; Silver – Jenna Solberg; Bronze – Maiken Nettie Pardon

Men’s Surf: Gold – Hayden Hemmens; Silver – Danny Gonzalez; Bronze – Jeff Hart

Women’s Surf: Gold – Kelsey Cummings; Silver – Jenna Solberg; Bronze – Maiken Nettie Pardon

Boys Junior Surf: Gold – Luke Adams; Silver – Logan Montgomery Harris; Bronze – Ruka Gorordo

Girls Junior Surf: Gold – Savannah Mellott; Silver – Sally Gonzalez; Bronze – Tatum O’Brien

Men’s Rescue Relay: Gold – Hayden Hemmens, Danny Gonzalez; Silver – Patrick Jacobson, Jeff Hart; Bronze – Bryce Crane, John Chetwynd

Women’s Rescue Relay: Gold – Monica Dornick, Jenna Solberg; Silver – Colleen O’Donnell, Kelsey O’Donnell; Bronze – Annaliese Litton, Bridget Lee

Coed Rescue Relay: Gold – Kelsey Cummings, Brian Murphy; Silver – Daniel Curtis, Mia Tedesco; Bronze – Boston Williams, Jennifer Noonan

Junior Rescue Relay: Gold – Philip Barnett, Mario Leigh Harris; Silver – Skye Davies, Sally Gonzalez; Bronze – Tatum O’Brien, Naomi Villarte

Men’s Surf Ski: Gold – Hayden Hemmens; Silver – Brian Murphy; Bronze – Hunter Hay

Women’s Surf Ski: Gold – Katelyn Nimsky; Silver – Kelsey Cummings; Bronze – Tandis Morgan

Men’s Dory Boat 1: Gold – James Bray, Dane DeBoer; Silver – Michael O’Donnell, Jeff Hart; Bronze – David Cartilidge, Nicholas Doyle

Men’s Dory Boat 2: Gold – Dane DeBoer, James Bray; Silver – Jeff Hart, Michael O’Donnell; Bronze – Ian Pruitt, Ryan Buckley


American Ironman: Gold – James Bray; Silver – Jeff Hart; Bronze – Ian Pruitt

American Ironwoman: Gold – Kelsey Cummings; Silver – Maiken Nettie Pardon; Bronze – Katelyn Nimsky

International Ironman: Gold – Hayden Hemmens; Silver – Brian Murphy; Bronze – Patrick Jacobson

International Ironwoman: Gold – Kelsey Cummings; Silver – Jenna Solberg; Bronze – Maiken Nettie Pardon

Men’s Paddle Rescue Relay: Gold – Jeff Hart, James Bray; Silver – Hayden Hemmens, Danny Gonzalez; Bronze – Patrick Jacobson, Brian Murphy

Women’s Paddle Rescue Relay: Gold – Kelsey Cummings, Jenna Solberg; Silver – Jennifer Noonan, Tandis Morgan; Bronze – Kelsey O’Donnell, Colleen O’Donnell

Coed Paddle Rescue Relay: Gold – Sage Pfeiffer, Reilly Pfeiffer; Silver – Boston Williams, Christina Boring

Men’s Paddle Sprint: Gold – Brian Murphy; Silver – Patrick Jacobson; Bronze – Hayden Hemmens

Women’s Paddle Sprint: Gold – Jenna Solberg; Silver – Kelsey Cummings; Bronze – Kelsey O’Donnell

Girls Junior Paddle Sprint: Gold – Skye Davies; Silver – Finley Murphy; Bronze – Vela Mattive



Day 2, Sunday, July 21

Sand Sculpting

Castles and Things: Gold – “Titanicles” by S.O.S.

Creatures: Gold – “Ninja Turtle” by Bright View Design Group

Open: Gold – “Don’t Pout, You’re at the Beach” by Eisenbiesz

Family: Gold – “Kings of Surf & Turf” by Alessandro Sand Sculptors; Silver – “Filet Minion” by Alessandro Kids Sand Sculptors; Bronze – “Volcano Island” by Eisenbiesz Kids

Great Rubber Duck Race:

Gold – Fran Carson; Silver – MacKenzie NiColl; Bronze – Rebecca Lumb

Groms Rule Surf Contest

Boys 10U: Gold – Finn McCarty; Silver – Carson Carr; Bronze – Bodhi Aguilar

Girls 10U: Gold – Eden Walla; Silver – Riley Bailey; Bronze – Hanna Arther

Boys 11-14: Gold – Gabriel Klussner; Silver – Zack Perry; Bronze – Kai Cassano

Girls 11-14: Gold – Sierra Downer; Silver – Addison McPhillips; Bronze – Kaili Arnston

Tandem Boogie Board

Gold – Kalani Kahalioumi, Tava Kahalioumi; Silver – Jay Reale, Vicki Reale; Bronze – Cole Smith, James Ferrel


Athletic Race Events

Male Neptune: Nic Giugni

Female Neptune: Lexie Kelly

Male Poseidon: Tyler Bashor

Female Poseidon: Candice Appleby

Men’s 5K Run: Gold – Ian Hansen (1-14), Elijah Sech (15-19), Carter Blunt (20-29), Phil Bresnahan (30-39), Andrew Lapin (40-49), Kevin Luxon (50-59), Steve Kos (60-69), George Greco (70-99)

Women’s 5K Run: Gold – Sierra Springer (1-14), Raya Hijazi (15-19), Sage Pfeiffer (20-29), Kera Kandel (30-39), Kathryn Thompson (40-49), Nicole Kersting (50-59), Michele Steer (60-69)

Men’s Biathlon: Gold – Elliot Bilsland (20-29), Nic Giugni (30-39), Corin Bemus (40-49), Rick Maynard (50-59), Steve Vasquez (60-69), Ian Stuart (70-99)

Women’s Biathlon: Gold – Savannah Batchelor (1-14), Kelsie Yamano (15-19), Philine Endres (20-29), Lexie Kelly (30-39), Romina Caristo (40-49), Dana Gilchrist (50-59), Margaret Stuart (60-69)

Men’s One-Mile Swim: Gold – Mark Ybarra (1-14), Timo Paisley (15-19), Hayden Hemmens (20-29), Scott La Londe (30-39), Nelson Hansen (40-49), Kevin Weissman (50-59), Shawn O’Gorman (60-69), David Hoppe (70-99)

Women’s One-Mile Swim: Gold – Savannah Mellott (1-14), Andreea Soricut (15-19), Emma Dodd (20-29), Lexie Kelly (30-39), Heidi Reisert (40-49), Ariana Hawbecker (50-59), Mary Ellen Farr (60-69)

Team One-Mile Swim: Gold – Ocean Fever; Silver – Riverside Poly

Swimmers make their way through the surf zone in a race at the 2019 San Clemente Ocean Festival. Photo: Fred Swegles
Swimmers make their way through the surf zone in a race at the 2019 San Clemente Ocean Festival. Photo: Fred Swegles

Men’s Open Ocean Paddle: Gold – Tyler Bashor (SUP 14-foot 18U), Jake Graham (SUP 14-foot 19-39), Chance Fielder (SUP 14-foot 40-49), Robert Moran (SUP 14-foot 50+), Ruka Gorordo (SUP 12-foot, 6-inch 18U), Phil Bresnahan (SUP 12-foot, 6-inch 29-39), Anthony Vela (SUP 12-foot, 6-inch 40-49), Larry More (SUP 12-foot, 6-inch 50+), Reilly Pfeiffer (Prone 12-foot 18U), Dane Gudauskas (Prone 12-foot 19-39), Matt Smart (Prone 12-foot 40-49), Philip Barnett (Surfski 18U)

Women’s Open Ocean Paddle: Gold – Jade Leilani Howson (SUP 14-foot 18U), Candice Appleby (SUP 14-foot 19-39), Jen Van Diest (SUP 14-foot 40-49), Kristin Thomas (SUP 14-foot 50+), Kamryn Massey (SUP 12-foot, 6-inch 18U), Mel Wygal (SUP 12-foot, 6-inch 40-49), Ina Gorordo (SUP Surfboard 18U), Sage Pfeiffer (Prone 12-foot 19-39)

Men’s SUP Sprint: Gold – Tyler Bashor (1-18), Anthony Vela (40-49); Silver – Thomas Nilsen (1-18)

Women’s SUP Sprint: Gold – Jade Leilani (1-18), Candice Appleby (19-39); Silver – Abby Baker (1-18)

Men’s Run Swim Run: Gold – Logan Montgomery Harris (1-14), Carson Williams (15-19), Hayden Hemmens (20-29), Scott La Londe (30-39), Anthony Vela (40-49), Chappie Dehaven (50-59), Steve Gleason (60-69)

Women’s Run Swim Run: Savannah Mellott (1-14), Ina Gorordo (15-19), Emma Dodd (20-29), Lexie Kelly (30-39), Romina Caristo (40-49), Nancie Rodriguez (50-59)

Men’s Splash and Dash: Gold – Pierce Bailey, Andy Bailey; Silver – Nelson Hansen, Agustin Rozas; Bronze – Ruka Gorordo, David Evans

Women’s Splash and Dash: Gold – Ina Gorordo, Andreea Soricut; Silver – Savannah Batchelor, Ruby Hawbecker; Bronze – Linda Simons, Suzanne Dodd

Coed Splash and Dash: Gold – Heidi Reisert, Jack Reisert; Silver – Savannah Mellott, Chase Mellott; Bronze – Matthew Flesher, Phoebe Flesher

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