By Jerry Collamer, San Clemente

The Transportation Corridor Agencies (TCA), a private-public entity, purveyor of all things Orange County Toll Roads (57-miles worth, but not the 91-toll lanes), trucked in their same ol’, dare I say tired, dog-and-pony show/revival meeting forum. This is comprised of failed toll routes through San Clemente’s pristine natural habit, to sell us (San Clemente residents) their 2016 fantasy plan, the 241-south extension, beginning at Oso Parkway (been denied), heading south to Ortega Highway (been denied), crossing Ortega (denied), south through Rancho Mission Viejo’s 34,000 acre Reserve (denied), south to Cristianitos Road (denied), terminating at I-5 at Trestles (totally denied).

The optimum word here, “denied.”

TCA’s been “denied” their dream toll route literally by everyone with an official say in the matter including tens of thousands of South Orange County and San Diego north county residents.

In a word, no one but TCA wants, or needs, a toll road here, ever. A 10-year battle that ended with “100 percent denied!” We won.

But there they were, hosting a forum here in San Clemente, Wednesday evening, in the town whose City Council voted 5-0 to deny a toll road anywhere within our borders. So it hits me, as I stroll past TCA’s 13 info stations, TCA moderators extolling the virtues of their brand-new 2016 plan, which is just a reshuffling of deck chairs on TCA’s Titanic of a toll route dream-denied scheme, to make a grown man scream.

I have a question regarding TCA’s total lack of foresight, as I introduce this age-old truism.

“Doing the same failed thing, over and over again, expecting a different result, is a sure sign of insanity.”

Proof enough, TCA collectively is completely bonkers.

This cannot be denied.

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  • Imho.
    Sad. Live in RSM.

    I was really hoping for a faster way to San Juan. But beyond San Juan South to San Clemente,,,,,,let’s give La Pata a chance.

    Otherwise,,,,,this news is disappointing. I wish the Toll Roads would get there act together.

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