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Bonnie Finn is the owner of Coastal Thermography. Photo: Eric Heinz

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Coastal Thermography
26499 Rancho Parkway South, Lake Forest

San Clemente Times 

San Clemente resident Bonnie Finn has dedicated her life and work to helping people detect life-threatening illnesses before they become irreversible.

Finn said she and her mother experienced breast cancer at relatively young ages, and so she decided to get into thermal imaging.

Finn is a certified clinical thermographer who has been working in the industry for four years.

A thermal image can range from about $350 to $750, depending on how much of the body someone wants examined. The images are then studied and a report is generated by a medical doctor. Thermal imaging is not covered by medical insurance, but Finn said she thinks it may be in the near future.

Finn said the thermal images can detect cancers and other problems up to eight years before they’ve spread or become worse. There is no radiation involved in the process.

The images can also detect pain areas where someone is experiencing pain.

Detailed information about the services are available on the business’s website.

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