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Date of Incorporation February 28, 1928
Form of Government Council-Manager
Type of Government General Law

Location On the California Coast, Midway Between Los Angeles and San Diego
Land Area 18.45 sq. miles
Elevation 800′ (Maximum); 250′ (Average)
Average Annual Rainfall 10.13
Average Annual Days of Sunshine 290

Sister Cities San Clemente del Tuyu, Argentina; Isla San Andres, Columbia; and Balcarce, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Employees (full-time equiv.) 194
Employees (part-time equiv.) 140
City Bond Rating Standard & Poor’s AAA

Rank in Population as of 1/09 (California) 118
Rank in Population as of 1/09 (Orange County) 16
Total Population (Official 1/09) 68,316
Number of Registered Voters (as of 5-09) 41,020
Assessed Secure Valuation(Update as of 1/09) $12,383,401,130

Total Housing Units 27,251
% Homeowner Occupied 68%
Residential Vacancy Rate 6.1%
Median Age 38
Persons/Household 2.6
Median Family Income $86,100
Median Home Value (2009) $648,000
% High School Grad or Higher 90%
% Population Below Poverty Status 5.5%
Unemployment Rate – San Clemente (as of 4/09) 6.4%
Unemployment Rate – Orange County (as of 3/09) 8.5%

City Song “On the Beach at San Clemente,” “Sweet San Clemente”
City Flower Bougainvillea
City Tree Coral Tree
City Slogan “Spanish Village by the Sea”

Beach Acreage 20
Miles of Beach 4.7
Park Acreage 133.37
Number of Parks 19
Golf Course Acreage 133
Number of Golf Courses 3
Number of Recreation Buildings 3
Square Footage of Buildings 27,700
Number of Swimming Pools 1

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