Matt Richardson, San Clemente

In response to Mr. Don Palmer’s letter regarding the banners placed on San Clemente High School’s fence by local businesses being “unsightly,” I respectfully disagree. The banners obviously are paid for by these businesses to support the efforts and endeavors of our school district, and they are not unsightly to the residents of San Clemente that have been here for longer than four months. While we welcome you to our beautiful community by the sea after living in Monrovia, I think the other 9,999 rewarding things that you mentioned about living in San Clemente should have been enough to dissuade you from writing such a ridiculous letter to the editor.

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  • so the out let mall cant have banners but the school can ??? why must we teach privilege ????
    id like to note that those ugly banners promote brew and colons and almost promoted tequila as well !!!!!
    along with their tacky LED moving signs , while poor lady liberty remains unemployed and barber poles remain illegal ,, i don’t think its appropriate to prostitute our laws or school grounds

  • I totally agree as an almost 33 year resident that the signs on the high school fence is absolutely unsightly! It doesn’t matter that the school receives money or any other “good reason” they are still ugly! The landscaping and the high school isn’t an attractive building as it is and the signs do NOTHING to Improve the aesthetics!

comments (2)

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