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Lisa Bartlett

By OC Board Supervisor Lisa Bartlett

On Nov. 3, voters will have the opportunity to go to the polls and exercise their constitutional right to vote during one of the most challenging times in our nation’s history.

Faced with the uncertainties of a global pandemic, it is understandable why voters might be hesitant, or feel somewhat apprehensive, about going to a vote center to cast their ballot on election day.

As such, I wanted to share with you some of the measures and protocols the Registrar of Voters office has undertaken to ensure in-person voting can be conducted safely and securely.

In consideration of the challenges posed by COVID-19, the Registrar of Voters released an extensive report on changes and procedures that will be implemented for the Nov. 3 Presidential General Election. The report covers a broad spectrum of election planning, including:

• Candidate filing

• Recruitment

• Training

• Services for voters with disabilities

• Language assistance services

• Vote-by-mail voting

• Vote Center locations

• Ballot drop box locations

• Post-election audits

These changes are necessary in order to safely conduct the election in accordance with public health guidelines and maintain a secure and transparent election. California law requires that in-person voting be provided for the Presidential General Election.

As the pandemic began to take hold in Orange County, the Registrar’s office moved quickly to implement procedures that would provide safe voting options for all voters and a safe work environment for staff.

Whether a voter prefers to vote at home or in-person at a Vote Center, every effort is being made to ensure they have a positive experience that promotes health and safety.

Some of the changes include:

• Detailed plans for disinfecting, maintaining physical distance, personal protective equipment and increased signage at all in-person voting locations

• Increased online training for vote center customer service representatives

• Leveraging technology to create remote public election observation opportunities

In addition, the Registrar’s office recently opened a 1,125-square-foot Vote Center Lab. As a fully functional, permanent replica of an in-person voting location, the Vote Center Lab was built to serve multiple purposes, such as testing processes and procedures, training election staff, educating the general public and supporting research efforts in a controlled environment.

Its timely completion allowed the Registrar of Voters to test new processes and other changes to existing operations necessary for the Nov. 3 Presidential General Election.

Since opening, the lab has served as a testing site to determine the impact of physical distancing and proper cleaning and disinfecting procedures on wait times for voters. It will also be used for training Vote Center Customer Service Representative to ensure they receive hands-on practice and experience in a Vote Center environment prior to stepping into an actual Vote Center.

The COVID-19 Election Response Report can be viewed in the Election Library at

All voters will receive a vote-by-mail ballot for the Nov. 3 Presidential General Election for safe and convenient voting at home. Voters can check their registration, re-register, and register to vote at For more information, call 714.567.7600 or visit

I hope you find this information helpful as you contemplate the options available to you for voting in November. Be safe and stay healthy.

Lisa Bartlett sits on the Orange County Board of Supervisors, representing the 5th District. She was reelected in 2018.

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comments (10)

  • My 2 cents–

    With all that the Trump admin is doing to slow down the mail and suppress the vote–

    Vote early if voting by mail!!!!!!

    Don’t let this anti American clown steal this election! He has all but admitted it.

  • MAGA 2020!

    The President is not doing anything to slow down the mail, that is another Democrat lie. Voting by mail is ripe for abuse and fraud as even the MSM themselves used to acknowledge. If voting by mail, use the absentee ballot process which is far more secure. If you wouldn’t send $100 cash by mail, why would you trust it with your vote?

    Lawless Democrats know they haven’t a ghost of a chance of winning this election without cheating so they’ll cheat, and cheat big. The drooling vegetable, creepy Joe Biden, is not only soft in the head but soft on China precisely because China bought and paid for him with billions of $$ of contracts for his corrupt family. Creepy Joe Biden was not only bought by China, he in turn bribed Ukraine with a billion $$ of OUR money to get his corrupt, drug abusing son out of hot water…again!

    For the last 3 months, while the cities were looted, burned, and vandalized by Biden’s supporters, sleepy Joe has remained in his basement unable to condemn the violence while his propaganda arm, the MSM, played Baghdad Bob and farcically claimed there was/is no violence.
    Now that their polls are dropping faster than Bill Clinton’s pants, they’ve come out to tepidly criticize the burning and looting while laughingly blaming it on the President who has continued to offer federal assistance to the leftist Mayors and Governors who have neglected their responsibility.

    MAGA 2020!

  • The MAGA posting here is so typical of the alt right trump cult folks.

    Lot’s of charges and no facts. Yawn.

    If you’re reading this…. just do this:
    Make up your own mind. Google “Trump destroying the postal service”. Throw away the crazy stuff at the extremes and read the normal trusted news sources you know. You’ll find that Trump has appointed a large campaign donor to the top spot and the guy has take HUGE steps within the post office. You decide. Removing sorting machines, laying off key positions. non delivered batches of mail. Decide for yourself.

    And all I am saying is a very benign warning– VOTE as early as you possibly can. Our democracy needs your vote—- don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

  • “Lot’s of charges and no facts. Yawn.”

    I agree, YOU had lots of charges and no facts. BTW, I am not alt right and if there are any cultists, it is the violence denying leftists who have cheered on this violence we see with our own eyes for the past 3 months.

    “Our democracy needs your vote—- don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!”

    On that, we agree as long as one is a LEGAL, authorized voter something leftist Democrats pay no attention to.

  • Mr. Davison has it wrong. I watched Trump yesterday explain to his voters how to vote twice!!! I have never seen anything like this before in any US election. It was in a live speech! Stunning. He has poured out so many bizarre statements about the election I’ve lost count.

    I served our Nation in southeast Asia. I voted by mail then and in most elections since 1968. I’ve never had a problem.

    Yesterday news broke from several prominent sources about Trumps continued statements about “losers and suckers” in the military.

    I’m done Donald– 3 November can’t come soon enough!

  • Mail in voting is ripe for fraud and abuse. Indeed, that has been its consistent history of late.

    Mr. Cord has it wrong. President Trump demonstrated that if mail in voting, as opposed to the absentee voting which Mr. Cord clearly confuses it with, is so safe and secure, then voters can mail in a ballot and then go to the polls in person and shouldn’t be able to vote…IF the system is as secure as leftists claim it is. That is the point, which leftists deliberately misunderstand.

    “He has poured out so many bizarre statements about the election I’ve lost count.”

    Since you don’t understand the difference between mass mail in voting and absentee voting, perhaps you can’t count either. Creepy Joe Biden has made so many unintelligible statements and changed his position on issues so often that mathematicians have lost count. Can anyone say with confidence what creepy Joe’s position on ANY issue is besides giving the green light to rioting and assault?

    I also served in the military in both the Atlantic and Pacific and take exception to traitors like Joe Biden accepting bribes from China to enrich his personal family while giving sweetheart deals to the country that has been stealing our technology and who present the greatest threat to our nation; his using tax payer dollars (1 Billion with a B) to bribe Ukraine officials to get his corrupt son out of hot water…again, and giving billions of $$ to our enemy Iran, the country most responsible for American deaths since Vietnam.

    The fake news that President Trump called our military men “losers and suckers” is just more lying from a media obsessed with taking down this great President. Consider the following:

    “Matthew Boyle wrote that Former Deputy White House Chief of Staff ” [Zack]Fuentes unequivocally denied The Atlantic’s report last week, a huge blow to the establishment media narrative. Fuentes personally briefed President Trump on the weather situation that led to the trip being canceled. He is also a close personal confidante of former White House Chief of Staff John Kelly.”

    “Boyle went on to write:

    “You can put me on record denying that I spoke with The Atlantic,” Fuentes told Breitbart News on Monday. “I don’t know who the sources are. I did not hear POTUS call anyone losers when I told him about the weather. Honestly, do you think General Kelly would have stood by and let ANYONE call fallen Marines losers?”

    The Atlantic used anonymous sources to smear the president, close to an election, about deceased military personnel with a story from 2018 and numerous outlets have covered the story with hundreds of hours of commentary, spreading the story further and giving in more credibility.”

    In addition, Sarah Huckabee was there and states unequivocally that such statements never took place. Finally, John Bolton, no friend of the President, also came out to say the story was false. He was there, an eye witness, not an “anonymous source”.

    Mr. Cord, you’re certainly free to vote for whomever you wish but your uncritical acceptance of such a bogus claim does you no credit. You probably believed Jusse Smollet too.

    Not all that long ago, CNN came out with a report that Donald Jr. had received information from wiki leaks prior to it being made public suggesting that there was some collusion between them. They claimed the story had been “verified” by multiple sources. However, more critical eyes noticed that the wiki leaks info Donald Jr. was quoting was dated 9/14, AFTER it had been made public, not 9/4, BEFORE it had been made public. After CNN downplayed this Godzilla sized blunder, several other news agencies came out to report the exact same thing CNN had even though this narrative had already been debunked. The message to the wise, when the media make up stories about the President, wait to see what really happened before rushing like lemmings over the media cliff.

  • Yikes! Yet another MAGA rant! Lot’s of spittle flying!

    Today is Wed. I just heard a tape recording of Trump from January talking about how deadly this virus is and how it’s even deadly for kids. Then of course a week later he tells America it’s a hoax!!!!And, that kid’s are immune!!!!

    It’s astonishing that Trump supporters still believe the con. Kind of like Jonestown when the cult members waited in line for hours to get their cyanide.

    I’ll be voting the day my absentee ballot arrives!

  • MAGA 2020, because we cannot afford to elect the drooling vegetable, sleepy Joe Biden or his running mate Kamala, who said she was proud of Jason Blake, the guy who sexually assaulted a female who called the police and when they arrived, resisted arrest.

    Apparently, according to Mr. Eckles, the definition of a MAGA rant with spittle flying is whenever the false narratives leftists peddle get debunked, it’s a MAGA rant.

    President Trump has done a fantastic job fighting the Wuhan China virus. He banned travel from China on January 31st, close to a month before the first death. Sleepy Joe Biden called his swift action xenophobic and only much later admitted the President was right. Dr. Fauci also said the President did the right thing and that his actions had saved lives. On the contrary, Nancy Pelosi floated a bill meant to block the President’s travel ban…which again, according to Dr. Fauci, had saved lives.

    Many officials have changed their minds about aspects of this virus including Dr. Fauci who initially said masks were not needed and that we shouldn’t be too alarmed about it. Perhaps Mr. Eckles simply doesn’t understand that with more knowledge and information about the virus, recommendations and policies will change. Just look at how bad the initial projections for deaths in the US were.

    President Trump did NOT say the Wuhan virus is a hoax. He had already banned travel from China and Europe and one doesn’t ban travel for “hoaxes”. The message the President was conveying is that the virus had become for the Democrats, the new hoax like the Russian collusion hoax or the impeachment hoax, just something else that they would use to attack him on. Whether Mr. Eckles knows this and is attempting to fool the readers or he is ignorant of this fact is something he can clarify if he is so inclined.

    “…Trump supporters still believe the con.”

    What con? Was it a con that while Democrats dithered and plotted Trump’s demise via impeachment, the President was discharging his duty to protect the nation in response to the China virus? While Nancy Pelosi was galavanting around San Francisco’s China Town maskless, inviting citizens to come to China Town to party and Mayor de Blasio was doing the same in NYC, President Trump was taking action, ordering the supplies that Obama/Biden had depleted and not replaced from the last Flu epidemic, spooling up the testing, and allowing his staff through Dr. Fauci to keep the nation informed. President Trump had the Javit’s Center built in record time and sent the Mercy ships to NYC and Los Angeles to meet the cities’ needs. It was the Democrat governors of 4 or 5 different states who then sent the infected into the nursing homes to kill off the staff and inhabitants. Thousands died as a result of governor Cuomo’s and Phil Murphy’s callous actions.

    “Kind of like Jonestown…”

    Hilarious! It’s the leftists who are like the Jonestown cult as they wait on their sofas before the TV, mouths agape in anticipation of their latest booster injection of hate from the MSM; more lies and hyperbole to feed their TDS.

    Finally, consider the following history lesson on our national response to the Wuhan virus:

  • USA is 5 % of the earth’s population and 25% of the Covid 19.

    Maga indeed…..yawn. Of course the Maga crew tried to sell the racist lie that President Obama was born in Kenya.

    25% of the Covid!!!— great job from the BK realtor Drumpf.

comments (10)

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