ELLEN GADDIE, San Clemente

I look forward to every “At the Movies” column by Megan Bianco. Her reviews are thorough and have convinced me more times than not to see a show.

The latest review of Parasite presented information about a movie I would not have considered seeing, disregarding it solely on the mistaken opinion it was a teen flick. She enlightened me enough to know it is about an obsession on tutoring for college entrance tests, which is an ongoing interest of mine as a college consultant.

Coming out just after the Varsity Blues College scandal, I’m hoping Bianco is correct that Parasite lives up to both the comedic and satirical on the pressure students everywhere feel about college entrance exams.

I appreciate that Bianco didn’t spoil a thing in this movie review (or others she has written), but rather gave a well-thought-out critical review of some of the elements that can make or break a film.

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