Adoptable Pet of the Week: Calvin Klein

This week’s featured adoptable pet is Calvin Klein, a handsome boy with a great personality. Laid-back for a 1-year-old, he loves to relax and soak up the afternoon sun. When he isn’t getting his beauty rest or practicing his cat walk, Calvin Klein enjoys being petted and making new friends.

Historical Happenings: The Legend of the San Clemente Monster

Though Loch Ness in Scotland has garnered much of the media attention for nearly a century as the site of everyone’s favorite prehistoric-looking creature that may or may not exist, the shores near San Clemente also has its own tales of a large monster. As Tom Marshall writes in his latest Historical Happenings, sightings of “The Clemente Monster” living in the waters between San Diego and San Clemente Island date back to 1914.

Life’s a Beach: The Gridiron Lines that Bind—September’s Saturday Night Lights

Saturdays, Monday nights … Thursday nights and, well, just about whenever football is on TV every fall and winter, means family gatherings and games at the Murphy household, Shelley explains in her latest Life’s a Beach column. Football has always been a part of the Murphys’ multi-generational family gatherings, but Shelley’s enthusiasm for the sport soared when she realized it could keep her family huddled together.

Wellness & Prevention: Coming Together4Teens

The Wellness & Prevention Center will host Together4Teens at Capistrano Valley High School in Mission Viejo on Oct. 1. Youth and local organizations plan this event to bring awareness to the pressures that teens face today and to provide resources for parents and teens who support family wellness.