By Shawn Raymundo

A portion of the boardwalk along the San Clemente Beach Trail has been closed to the public indefinitely following a landslide that occurred on Saturday, Nov. 16, according to a beach trail advisory from city.

As a result of the landslide, the boardwalk has experienced structural damage, prompting the closure from El Portal steps to the Mariposa access where the city is working with a geotechnical consultant to investigate the issue.

“There is damage to the structure and the cement pilings holding up the beach trail bridge, so we don’t know at this time how stable it is and if it can stand extra weight from people walking across it,” City Manager James Makshanoff said during a city council meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 19.

Though the area has been blocked off with fencing, as well as signs posted telling pedestrians not to trespass, the city has had issues with people cutting the chains on the fencing.

“It’s very unstable out there,” Makshanoff said, adding: “We’d appreciate people staying off the beach trail as much as possible.”

The city’s website also noted that it’s illegal and unsafe for anyone to walk along the railroad tracks and that pedestrians should use the appropriate detour that’s been established. The detour is from El Portal steps to Buena Vista and local streets back to Escalones and Mariposa for trail access.

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