By Eric Heinz

The city of San Clemente and Villa San Clemente, LLC, the corporation that sued on behalf of the Outlets at San Clemente, have reached a settlement in the ongoing signage dispute for San Clemente’s largest mall.

In a press release distributed on June 20, the city and the Outlets agreed to move forward with conditions set by the city that were approved earlier this year, citing the problems that arose when the Outlets established non-permanent signage for its businesses on its exterior. Those signs remained on the walls well past the city’s limit of about 120 days (in total) while the Outlets waited for its permanent signage permits to be approved.

The settlement shows the city cited the Outlets more than 900 times and more than $700,000 in fees over the temporary signage violations, which the Outlets likely won’t have to pay after the settlement.

The Outlets were approved for signage in March and given time to respond to the city’s amendments, but the back-lit illuminated signs, which are detailed in a link in this story at, will be able to move forward as well as signage related to its second phase and identification, freeway-oriented signs.

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  • Eric,
    Perhaps you should do a records request to the city and find out how much money the city spent in legal fees for this. Why is the city at war over a place that could bring millions of tax receipts to them? Signs bring business and TAX DOLLARS!

    • This comment from a no-name is lame. Missions of tax receipts? Sings bring business and tax dollars?? Maybe in the 70’s. The Outlet mall is an out of date concept. Check out or their YouTube channel.

      I read that large companies trying to stay afloat in the era of Amazon are looking to purchase empty malls to use for supply chain purposes. Wal-Mart is trying to compete via and their own site and is repurposing Sams’ club facilities for supply chain purposes.

      The only hope for Marblehead Coastal is to make it a venue where people go for restaurants and live entertainment.

comments (2)

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