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Following the California Coastal Commission’s (CCC) approval of the city of San Clemente’s draft comprehensive land use plan (LUP) on Feb. 8, the city announced today that the draft document is now available for public comment.

San Clemente’s local coastal plan includes a variety of issues that members of the public addressed over at least the last two and a half years. Such topics included beach access, the ability to alter and protect existing coastal structures, short-term lodging provisions and more.

The CCC submitted the document back to the city with suggested modifications that the city will consider.

The CCC-modified and approved LUP is now available for a six-week public review period on the city’s website. You can find the LUP documents and additional information by clicking here.

“Following the close of the public review period, the City Council will conduct a future public hearing, tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, May 1, to consider adoption of the CCC modified and approved LUP,” a press release from the city stated. “Public comments on the LUP may be emailed to Carl Stiehl, Senior Planner for San Clemente or by mail to the Planning Services Division, Attn: Carl Stiehl, 910 Calle Negocio, Suite 100, San Clemente, CA 92673 by April 20, 2018.”

Should the city accept the changes and its further suggestions are accepted by the CCC, the city will then begin putting together an implementation plan for the provisions of the LUP.

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