By Eric Heinz 

After four years of trying to convince the California Coastal Commission and city officials to allow residents with property abutting the shores of the Pacific Ocean, Capistrano Shores residents are making a final push to get the city to reject its Coastal Land Use Plan (LUP), though it’s already been approved by the Coastal Commission.

Now the city is looking to pass its implementation plan of that land use plan, which will finalize the city’s ability to have more autonomy over coastal development or rehabilitation plans rather than have to apply to the Coastal Commission for every minute project.

Eric Anderson, the general manager of Capistrano Shores Inc., which has been the leading neighborhood on these issues, said the major condition that will be discussed in the implementation plan that raises concerns is that the cutoff date for allowing structures to be protected is Jan. 1, 1977.

Most of the structures in Capistrano Shores subdivision are younger than that. As such, the LUP would not allow people to alter their property more than 50 percent to do renovations or protective measures. The structure would be required to be left as is.

“…(T)he language in San Clemente’s LUP defining the term ‘existing development’ to the date of Jan. 1, 1977 is the first time it has ever been brought forward in any LUP/LCP process,” Anderson said. “If approved on May 1, San Clemente will be the first governmental agency to ratify this as policy. It is imperative that this LUP is rejected by City Council on May 1.”

More details of the implementation plan will be discussed at a later City Council meeting.

The city’s agenda for Tuesday, May 1 is not yet available, but city staff does notify people involved in government issues prior to agenda publication.

Correction: Article has been changed to reflect the 1977 date as being discussed in the implementation plan, not the LUP. 

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