By Shawn Raymundo

A proposal to reorganize the city of San Clemente’s committees and commissions passed in a unanimous vote of the council on Tuesday, Jan. 21.

With the council’s passage of the ordinance, all current committee and commission members’ terms would officially expire on June 30, as the new composition and make of the bodies will be restructured effective July 1.

After a review of how each standing committee is structured last summer, the council decided on the reorganization plan, which is believed to improve the efficiency of city staff while expected to save $5,530 annually.

Under the new ordinance, many of commissions would be reduced from seven members to five and would also meet less frequently—every two months. Those bodies include the Beaches, Parks and Recreation Commission, the Coastal Advisory Committee and the Human Affairs Committee.

The Golf Course Committee and the Investment Advisory Committee would both also be reduced to five members and hold meetings on a quarterly basis. The city’s Planning Commission would essentially stay as is, remaining a seven-member body that meets twice a month.

The ordinance also created the Public Safety Committee, comprised of six members, five of whom would be public safety professionals and experts appointed by the city council. The sixth seat would be reserved for a representative of the Orange County Sheriff’s Department, selected by San Clemente’s police chief, to serve as an ex-officio member.

All members would continue to serve two-year staggered terms, according to the city. City Clerk Joanne Baade is currently tasked with determining a date and time to conduct interviews for the Public Safety Committee membership positions.

Per Mayor Dan Bane’s request, the city is targeting a March date for those interviews.

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