By Cari Hachmann

On Wednesday, Sept. 18, San Clemente City Council voted, 3-0, to approve amending an ordinance that will give greater enforcement authority to Park Rangers.

Councilmember Laura Ferguson was absent from the meeting, so councilmembers voting included Chris Hamm, Kathy Ward and Mayor Pro Tem Dan Bane.

Last October, the council adopted Resolution 18-52 to reclassify the city’s Lead Park Monitor and Park Monitor positions to a Lead Park Ranger and Park Ranger to increase job responsibilities with regard to enforcement.

The city council’s desire was for both Park Ranger positions to be authorized to address various city code violations that occur in San Clemente parks and park facilities, such as near the beach and municipal pier, as well as other buildings, structures, walkways, trails and parking lots.

In adopting Ordinance No. 1979, the city has provided Park Rangers the ability to enforce city laws and ordinances, as well as give them the ability to issue citations and make arrests (without a warrant) to those who are found in violation of city laws and ordinances on the above-mentioned properties.

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