By Eric Heinz

While discussing a public works project during the March 7 City Council meeting, Council member Steve Swartz entertained the idea of introducing a city policy that may make project bidding more accessible to local businesses.

For city projects, the city is required to open bids for any licensed business to submit proposals. What Swartz’s proposal would do is “credit” businesses in San Clemente within 5 percent of their bid against outside businesses.

As an example, if a company bid it would cost $95,000 and another company from San Clemente says it will cost $100,000, the city could give priority to the local business.

“A lot of other communities … have these incentives,” Swartz said. “The city would keep the money flow within the city, get some back on taxes.”

Swartz spoke specifically about bids for public works projects, but City Council could discuss this policy at a meeting in the near future.

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  • yep its a shame not one resident got a job on the super expensive pool house

    gov. brown has made it even more expensive to bid or work on our local public works thru sb854 and created a $#@! storm of paper work

    so 5% added to the pool house would be even more expensive

    mr swartz how bout if they are with in 5% they get to rework there bids ? and we save us that 5%

    or maybe this is all impossible since you cant have a ladder on a truck in snob clemente

  • Given how over regulated the California is something like this may not be legal any longer. Concerned it would open up a push for other incentives like unionization requirements or minority ownership on local businesses as well.

    If a way can be made for this to happen without additional liabilities or risks to San Clemente then instead of just saying local businesses it needs to be more stringent. Something like local businesses which have been in San Clemente for a minimum amount of years AND are owned by people living in San Clemente AND half of their workers live in San Clemente. This way this incentive would not be manipulated by profiteers from out of town.

    What we really need is incentives to bring headquarters for e-commerce and cyber businesses to San Clemente. That does not bring the kind of traffic into town that everyone fears. To support that we’d have to court a way to get modern internet communication bandwidth into town to allow for better choices than the ancient and woefully inadequate AT&T and Cox our businesses are stuck with today.

    • if i was a council person id spend my time trying to bring in better business and jobs and get away from this tourist trap business plan that the chamber / dba / historical society ,, covett

comments (3)

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