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The CUSD Board of Trustees voted unanimously on Thursday to offer ousted San Clemente High School principal Michael Halt a position within the district next year, however not at SCHS. Photo: Allison Jarrell
The CUSD Board of Trustees voted unanimously on Thursday to offer ousted San Clemente High School principal Michael Halt a position within the district next year, however not at SCHS. Photo: Allison Jarrell

By Allison Jarrell

The Capistrano Unified School District Board of Trustees on Thursday voted unanimously in closed session to adopt the superintendent’s recommendation to offer Michael Halt reelection for the 2015-2016 school year.

Halt was ousted from his position as San Clemente High School principal last month under undisclosed circumstances, to the dismay of many parents and students who have since been protesting the decision and calling for an investigation into the matter.

The board’s decision came with a caveat that Halt will receive an alternative assignment, as a principal within CUSD but not at SCHS.

Halt will also be invited to attend the upcoming SCHS graduation ceremony.

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  • NOT good enough CUSD! It’s doing what they had to do. (Reinstate him as principal) But they gave a finger (sorry nothing else fits here) to everyone, especially, the students and Community of San Clemente. He is a principal….just not yours! I guess they thought it was our discipline for our “insubordination”

  • I agree with Sonja as this appears as a backhand to the community. They are just hoping the issue goes away; but it is not. This I think will just make many more angry.

  • I agree that is definitely a slap in the face to the community/school. Hopefully they will reconsider. Keep the pressure on!

  • What!!? They are all stocked up on crazy over there. Why in the world do our kids, teachers and community have to suffer and lose our Principal because CUSD is ethically and morally challenged and more than a few play fast and loose with the truth….. not to mention personnel files. I don’t know how you people sleep at night!

  • I agree. They must have agreed that he was wrongfully terminated, or they would not have reinstated him. So if they believe that, then why would they not reinstate him to the position he was unfairly fired from? It’s not the fault of the faculty and students of San Clemente high school that Mike Halt was removed without cause. So why should they continue to pay the price for CUSDs incompetence ?

  • We cheered like crazy at the news, then they dropped the BUT bomb and it was pin drop quiet. It was a pretty little bandaid for about half a second. It’s NOT over!

  • this is NOT good enough!!! We need to keep fighting and not give them the satisfaction that they are looking for right now. This can not and will not end here! Let’s rally SC and get our principal, Mr.Halt, back where he belongs at SCHS!!! We are getting closer and closer and we can totally do this! We can not give up now! Lets get it done SC!!! There is still so much hope!!

  • If he’s good enough to be a principal, he belongs here as our principal! What is going on? It was a unanimous vote?

  • Unbelievable.. what a complete slight to the SC High students, faculty, parents and Principal Halt. They have not earned our trust back, in fact if anything they have shown how untrustworthy CUSD really is. Please keep up the pressure and keep emailing the board to reconsider placing him back where he belongs at SCHS! We have to request it be put back on the agenda so this issue does not go away.

  • They just DON”T GET IT!! What the superintendent and the trustees put Mike Halt and his family through, along with the students, faculty, parents, and citizens of San Clemente, is inexcusable. This is NOT done until Mike Halt is reinstated at San Clemente High School.

    There still needs to be an investigation as to who instigated and participated in this sordid affair, along with other transfers and demotions within the whole district.

    We elected these trustees, and we can recall them!

  • We need to stay angry and take action!
    SC is an amazing town, keep spreading the word that we will not tolerate their joke of a ruling and that now more than ever San Clemente will unite together to see that Justice is done.
    Stay informed, spread the word:

  • SCHS has been a mess since they pulled Mike. There is nobody in charge. Moral is at an all time low? We need him back now! To not allow the students to have their Last few weeks with their Principal is heartless! To say that he is “allowed to attend graduation” is questionable – we want him to run graduation – speak at graduation and shake the students hands at graduation. What do the semantics mean??? Looks as though the trustees are attempting to make themselves look like they are giving in in an attempt to save face, but not allowing Mike to go back to being principal at SCHS is a slap in the face! Are these seven on a power trip or what?! Maybe they think this minor peace offering would make the SC community go away, but they are sorely mistaken!

  • To offer Colonel Halt a position within the CUSD is essentially admitting that he should never have been fired in the first place. This would suggest that they are protecting themselves from litigation for a wrongful termination; or they are acting like spoiled children who can’t give in to something without insisting on some other demand. “Okay San Clemente, you were right that Colonel Halt didn’t deserve to be fired, so we’ll un-fire him, but we won’t let him back at your school.”

    They just don’t get it.

    The whole point of our public outcry was to get our unjustly dismissed principal back in our school (and perhaps to get whoever fed the board inaccurate information fired). That still has not happened, so they still have not done their jobs.

    Does it make sense to move Colonel Halt to a different site when he’s spent just under two years at ours? Does it make sense to sever two years of connections he’s developed with our community of students, parents, teachers, and staff? Since he did such a great job in his first two years here, imagine how well he would do in the next two if he could stay. Following the superintendent’s recommendation, the board is now perpetuating the idiocy that got them into this fiasco in the first place.

  • Can we please not call Mike the “ousted” principal anymore?
    It makes it sound like he did something wrong.

    I was at this meeting tonight, and am so disappointed in the way the Superintendent and Board of Trustees handled this situation and managed the crowd. Mike was in the room with us (at their invitation) when the board presented the terms of their “offer” for his reinstatement. The terms were so unclear, no one even knows if he gets to finish the year at SCHS…but it did shut us up for a few minutes.

    The “offer” basically makes Mike decide if he wants to either leave the district or accept a position at another CUSD school. Either way, if we ask for his reinstatement at SCHS, the board can then say it was Mike’s decision to do this or that, and will no doubt have an iron-clad contract. That his dismissal was unfair in the first place does not matter. (His immediate supervisor, Michelle LePatner, was escorted out of CUSD offices today. More information on the reason she was fired should surface soon, and shed light on the facts behind Mike’s dismissal.)

    I wouldn’t blame Mike if he decides to leave CUSD. It would be a shame to lose him to another district, but nothing compared to the HUGE loss at SCHS. I’m very glad that the seniors will at least get to shake his hand at graduation.

    Either way, I think the Superintendent owes him a public apology, and should make a statement on the CUSD website. The lack of communication regarding his absence has (understandably) got some parents worried, and that needs to be fixed.

  • So, after it was announced that Mike Halt will be ‘reinstated’ is some unnamed administrative position at some undisclosed location but not SCHS, likely in exile at some CUSD gulag, the the staff and trustee occupants of the dais sat with tight lips and stony uncaring faces while listening to students, parents and interested parties unanimously praise Mike and demand his full reinstatement as principal of SCHS.

    It is not difficult for me to guess that this ‘split-the-baby’ result of the closed session was a weak compromise to appease Superintendent Vital, who would lose face if the board were to demand full reinstatement for Mike as SCHS’ Principal.

    This fiasco convinces me that we’ve only seen the beginnings of the problems that an independent investigation would disclose about the administrative mis-management of this district. I believe that the effects of the problem are endemic through all of CUSD, not just SCHS. The buck stops at the top.

    The Board of Trustees would be wise to stop giving rubber stamp approval to whatever proposal may be placed before them by staff. Investigate. Vet. Question. Be suspicious. Take control. Change the culture for the better. As was said by one of the speakers at the meeting tonight, “We voted you in. We can vote you out.”

  • Yesterday’s reinstatement announcement offer for Mike Halt, while a positive development, continues to demonstrate the total incompetence that reigns at CUSD. You do not need to be a legal scholar to know that in doing so, CUSD admitted to the wrongful termination of Mike Halt and that therefore he should be reinstated to his original position as Principal of SCHS with full back pay, benefits and attorney fees.

    What to me is more disturbing is that during all the proceedings in the last couple of weeks, Superintendent Vital has not made a single statement, has sheepishly ‘observed’ the board meetings, while she has allowed her staff to continue to bungle administrative actions and communications to the public. As one would expect from a highly paid public official, when there’s a crisis, when there’s dissent, you are expected to rapidly identify, assess, and understand the situation and put in place immediate actions to respond to both the reality and perception of crisis. The Mike Halt incident has exposed a reign of terror where with every day passing, CUSD is at risk of a real brain drain of its best and brightest educators and administrators, either voluntary or forced out, because of a total lack of leadership and trust at the top. Add to that communication with the public, which are key.

    A true leader would have acknowledged the problems, and expressed to the public how the damage would be contained, what steps will be taken to learn from, and prevent this from happening again. Instead we continue to see a deaf-mute Vital, poorly drafted communications, and half-hearted commitments to the community. How can she possibly be trusted going forward by staff, students, parents, and the public that continues to fund this fiasco? CUSD is a rapidly sinking ship with Vital at the helm. If the Board of Trustees want some peace of mind that the daily operation of CUSD is in good hands, they only have one choice: terminate Vital.

    And please don’t count on the bond ‘carrot’ and fiscal hocus-pocus that’s being promised. Pick up the phone, call the Alameda School District, and ask them how that turned out for them.

  • Just so all of you know, as an SCHS Graduate, which I am guessing makes me alone on this list, I had 3 principals in the 3 years I attended…this isn’t a new problem, and its not like he actually impacts students as much as say…idk half of the teachers that have been let go with this groups “blessing”

  • It is obvious that Mike Halt did nothing to warrant him being fired and the district is covering themselves from a lawsuit by reinstating him, so the latest action from the board appears to be nothing more than a power play by superintendent, Vital, and assistant superintendent of personnel, Brentlinger. They just want to play the community of parents, students, and staff by, in essence, saying, “we screwed up by firing him and need to protect ourselves against a lawsuit (as it appears he was just another employee that was wrongly victimized by the LePatner regime), BUT, you aren’t telling us what we are going to do or not going to do with Mr. Halt.” What a lame move by the superintendent and personnel. They reinstated him, AS THEY SHOULD HAVE, but to not give him (or the community) the respect he and they deserve by putting him back at the school that loves him, is just wrong. Obviously LePatner got what she deserves but it is also obvious that the board is still playing games with the community. We need to keep the pressure on the powers that be and keep removing from their positions, those people that keep abusing their power at the district level, until we have a district and board that work and listen to the people and students of the district, instead of against us. Do the right thing CUSD, put Mr. Halt back where he was wrongly terminated from. Anything less is not acceptable.

  • I can not fathom their logic other than to surmise that Vital did not want to have to reverse herself 100%. She made the deal onerous enough to try to force Principal Halt to move on to another school district, while hoping she did enough to hold on to her job.

    How can the head of personnel (Jodee B.) still keep her job after she allowed Principal Halt to receive an unsatisfactory evaluation, oversee his termination, and ultimately “eat crow” when asking him back on Thursday to “update” his file with “oops” a positive evaluation. Regardless of the actions of LePatner, Ms. Brentlinger has professional discretion that she failed to exercise. Where are the good people that used to run this district? It is my greatest hope that LePatner’s position is filled by someone who has the breadth of knowledge to know what needs to be done and the strength of conviction to stand up to this superintendent who has neither.

    The efforts of this movement have been nothing short of sensational! It’s a blueprint of grass roots democracy and it makes me so proud to call San Clemente ‘My Home’. I also think that John Alpay played a big role by being the catalyst that gave hope to the movement by early on questioning the reasons stated for Mr. Halt’s negative evaluation and by ‘throwing down’ and challenging the other 6 on the board to demand an independent investigation. I heard some of the others try to shout him down but he stood firm. He listened to his constituents, changed course, and good for him.

    For sure there is more work to be done but this CUSD administrative team, along with the board, have a new respect for San Clemente and we are no longer going to be marginalized.

  • I am happy to hear that no one is accepting this *side stepping* by CUSD. KEEP AT IT! If it was my choice, I’d call for the entire board to be fired or recall. As a previous student stated, 3 principal’s in 3 years? Are you kidding me? Where is the continuity in that? How will children or young adults ever feel the security and comfort in their last formative years of school with constant upheaval in their world?? School should be a safe haven for life and learning! Apparently, the powers that be, have no clue! I pray that a big payoff somehow finds its way to Mike Halt for everything he and his family have been put through! Somehow something has to make up for it, if that’s even possible?? So sorry Mike! So so sorry.

  • This Superintendent and School Board are all morons! They fire this Mr. Halt for no reason and now they have enough nerve to reinstate him but at another school! What? Wake up Capo and lets fight. We need to clean house at the District Office which needs to start with the Superintendent and district personnel like Jodie Brentlinger! They need to go and if this school board doesn’t adhere to the people then we need to begin a huge recall which starts with Alpay!! Let the Revolution Begin!!

  • We didn’t notice it because the teachers at the school are amazing. To be real, in their professional life, you know, life after high school, you aren’t guaranteed any sort of consistency, and really the principals they let go where incompetent.

  • As a 38 year retired teacher (DHHS), my wife and I worked tirelessly sitting at supermarkets getting signatures to get rid of Ken Lopez-Maddox and Mike Winsten. We then worked hard to get most of the current school board elected. We walked precincts and spent many hours talking to friends and neighbors. We had hoped that this would bring stability and sanity to CUSD. I am really dismayed at the actions our new superintendent. I am also dismayed that our current board hired her after we read all the articles in the Alameda papers about Mrs. Vital and her poor reputation with the community, teachers and staff of the Alameda schools. They obviously did not do a very good job at vetting her. I am glad to see LePatner go and I think they should fire Vital and Bretlinger even if it costs thousands of dollars to pay off their contracts. Then, they need to do their homework and really vet any candidates for superintendent. I still think the board members are smart and good people; I think they did not do a good job vetting and hiring our superintendent and they let her hire poor assistants.

  • It is a sign of character to admit you made a mistake. The trustees and superintendent’s admission only went part way by reinstating Principal Halt, but ultimately missed the mark by only offering a principal position somewhere else in the district. It’s time for the trustees and superintendent to wake up to the outrage they are creating in the community and make things fully right with a complete restoration of Principal Halt to SCHS. The only way this can be achieved is to keep intense pressure on this board and the superintendent.

  • Our one town, one team,one family philosphy has to come through stronger than ever RIGHT NOW! Us tritons are capable of many things and I KNOW the reinstatement of our principal back to SCHS is one of them. If we stick to our philosophy and rally together right now we will be inches away from getting our beloved pricipal back to our campus for the remainder of this year and many more years to come! If you are not educated on this topic please educate yourself immediatly, so us tritons can win again. If you are educated on this topic please do all that you can to contribute to this cause and get Halt back. C’mon SC I know we can do this. Let’s get it done!!!
    GO TRITONS!!!!

    • Thanks Kay for this reminder of our motto and our way of living here in San Clemente. As we fight along side each other we need to hold these words close to our hearts. Have we ever given up before in something that has to do with academics, athletics, or anything that has to do with our students and our school?? The answer is no. We need to continue to fight now just like we always do because we are San Clemente, and together we can win anything. This philosophy that we talk about over and over again about being one town, one team, and one family did not just happen by chance, we earned this motto, so we need to hold true to it and stick with it. I know that we can make this happen, but we need everyone to believe that. I am extremely proud of our school, students, staff, town and community and how we have fought so hard this entire time to reach the point that we are at now, but this is not the end, this is just the beginning. We are not done yet. We are way too tired of dealing with so much pain and loss in our school and town and it is time to put a stop to it. We need to begin the healing process and the only way to do this is to have Halt back at San Clemente High School. This is his home and his family, just like it is our home and our family. I highly doubt that any of our board members would like it if we showed up at their house, took their house keys from them, locked them out of their own home, and told them that they could never see their family again, but isn’t that pretty much what they did to Principal Halt??? There is nothing right about this, even with the decision that they made last night. We need our leader back so we can all begin the healing process. So lets stop the hurting and the pain that we have already had way too much of, and lets get Mr.Halt reinstated to San Clemente High School for the remainder of this year, and many more to come!!!

  • Kay, it is We Tritons, not “Us tritons”. Check spelling for “”Principal” and “immediately”. Tritons is also capitalized.

  • Thanks Bill for correcting my typos. I will try to pay a closer attention to proofreading this time! 😉 I agree Jill, the board is wrong and would not like it if we flipped this situation around on them. However, I do believe they made a step in the right direction by reinstating Principal Halt to the district. They may be beginning to figure out that they did someting worng. In my eyes, the board is treating the San Clemente community like spoiled children. With all of the devastation and loss we Tritons have endured it makes me sick to see that the board is content with causing so much more. Like what Jill said, we Tritons are a family. San Clemente is not the same without Michael Halt. Although Vital lives in San Clemente, she doesn’t seem to have caught on to what this small beach town is about. At this moment this topic is not on the agenda for the June 10th board meeting, yet there is still a time slot for public speaking. If you are a Prinicpal Mike Halt supporter, you are encouraged to email the board members demanding it be agendized. I believe in the Triton community. If we rally together just like we have before we Tritons can achieve yet another victory. Let’s bring our amazing principal and American hero back to SC.

  • Last night was the first school board meeting I’ve ever been to in the 49 years we’ve lived in San Clemente. I would get involved in San Clemente City Council meetings when it involved us, such as when they tried to rezone our neighborhood into R-3 apartments in an R-1 neighborhood. Or when they moved the bus station down to Palizada.

    But in all of those council meetings, I can’t recall the council exhibiting the arrogant, condescending attitude that was displayed by the school board last night. I was astounded!

    I worked at Saddleback Valley Unified School District for the last eleven years of my active employment. There were two guys in our Telecom Shop that were assigned to provide the audio and video facilities during the school board meetings. They would tell us what had transpired during the board meeting, the next morning. I never once heard them tell about anything like what I saw at the CUSD meeting last night. These trustees are elected, not coronated!

    This isn’t over as far as I’m concerned. Unless they reinstate Mike Halt back to San Clemente H.S., we’ll be at the next board meeting next week on the 10th.

  • MLP is a good start to clean up this administration. But, let us not forget that there are others that have not demonstrated competent leadership and rational decision-making. Brentlinger has not demonstrated rational judgement in many instances including the documents she approved that were subsequently delivered to Mike, approving his dismissal without checking the facts, and she is certainly one of the masterminds behind the demotions and reassignments that have occurred.

    Vital might live in San Clemente, but she has no understanding of the culture and community needs. She is so threatened that she could not approve Mike returning to SCHS. She needs to do what is right and put the needs of the community first and cease hurting people including employees, students, and parents. She needs to go!

    Wake up board members and do what is right. Thank you John Alpay for your insight, wisdom and trying to right the wrong that has occurred!

  • Dear CUSD Board of Trustees. Here’s some light weekend reading for you while we wait for Mike’s FULL REINSTATEMENT at SCHS.

    7 Signs of Effective School Board Members!

    Okoboji: A Twenty Year Review of Leadership 1955-1974, especially the section on how to fire a Superintendent.

    And here’s your action list for next week:

    1. Fire Vital for cause, including misrepresentation, willful neglect, and failure to perform duties of public office, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO KEEPING THE PUBLIC INFORMED. If she was the CEO of a 4,000 employee public she would have been long gone. Show some fortitude as board members and act. Jim, take a Red Bull before the meeting…

    2. Agendize THE vote to reinstate of Mike Halt at SCHS for the June 10 meeting without further procedural nonsense.

    Now that CUSD has admitted to the wrongful termination of Mike Halt, wrap this up and let’s move on with a new team, renewed enthusiasm, and let’s refocus on the kids. Get rid of the toxicity! You were given the trust and power by the public. Show us that you deserve it!

    • CapistranoUnifiedStakeholders Reply

      SC Dad,

      1. I couldn’t agree with you more. After the major ethical breaches that are currently being uncovered, the Board needs to act on this – June 10th. Nine months at the helm is long enough for Vital to understand what was going on. Vital either chose to look the other way or went along with it. Either way, the character of her leadership is highly suspect. It should be noted that it was only after Trustee Alpay pushed for an investigation and the web began to unravel that Vital gave up Le Patner and recommended to “re-elected” Halt.

      2. Yes, this is a no-brainer. Carter is wilding successful at ANHS & Halt is wildly successful at SCHS. Why would any one want to screw that up? Answer: Politics and control.

      Instead of making decisions through a political lens, the Superintendent should be asking only one question before deciding where to place Carter & Halt “What is in the best interest of students?” After deliberating with stake-holders, she should work to support and empower students, teachers, and parents to be successful in achieving ambitious learning objectives – rather than being pre-occupied with the power she is giving up, by placing two popular principals back into schools where they are successful.

      Second: Carter is on record as saying that “If Halt was re-instated, he would step aside.” Carter was being a team player by agreeing to go to SCHS when Halt was on his way out. Now that Halt is back and exonerated. I’m sure the students, teachers, and parents at ANHS don’t want Carter to leave their school either.

  • SCDad, ECELLENT!!!

  • SC Dad and CUSD Stakeholder,

    I agree, but would like to share something. Below is a letter written by Jodee Bretlinger to the CUMA association, which is the management association of the administration. Unfortunately, our administrators do not have any protection ( clearly since so many of them have been unfairly outsted by Le Patner and Bretlinger the past 3 years) I think it is interesting that Le Patner was fired but here is proof that Jodee Bretlinger is trying to protect her ( Le Patner’s) reputation thus admitting what we all knew, that she was in on all the firings and level downs including Mike Halt.

    This message is being sent on behalf of Jodee Brentlinger.

    Dear CUMA,

    Michelle Le Patner has shared she is in need of stepping away from her role and responsibilities as the Assistant Superintendent, Education Services to take some personal time for her well-being and that of her family. We respect and will honor her time away and privacy during this time.

    The Superintendent will be working with Education Services staff to develop transition plans for the remainder of this school year. Once those plans are solidified, they will be shared with all principals.

    Thank you for your understanding.


    So, I would like to add something to the ” action plan” by Stakeholder that the board must do:
    1) Fire Vital ( no questions this must happen)
    2) Fire Bretlinger ( she is just as much part of the problem as Le Patner was)
    3) Reinstate Mike Halt and admit that they made a mistake by just listening to Le Patner and Bretlinger’s complaints. Clearly they lied and if we ever get to the investigation that Alpay is still asking for, then we will see exactly what they fabricated and what Mr. Halt’s responses were.
    4) Either continue with the investigation or ask administrators who were randomally reassigned, or fired if they would like to speak to the board and present their side of the case.
    5) Refuse to confirm any new administrators in until the administrators that were railroaded can possibly have their case heard and be reinstated as well. If they lied about Halt ( and we know they did) it is sure that they also lied about others.
    6) Leave Chris Carter at Aliso where he wants to stay. He does NOT want to go to San Clemente.
    7) Bring Deni Christensen back to the district office position to replace Le Patner. This is the position she orignally had and should have back. She is compassionate and fair and what happened under Le Patner would never happen under her. I am sure it has sickened her to see her friends be let go for no reason. However, none of the administrators could speak up for fear of losing their own positions. Hopefully if we can rid oursleves of this totalitarian regime, we can get back to business of educating our students and preparing them for future success.

    What does it say when children in classes found out about Le Patner being fired that there was an outcry of joy inside the classes from the students? This was not just at San Clemente High School but all around. I have spoken with several teachers and administrators and the sigh of relief that they all felt when she was gone was incredible. Perhaps the board is too detached to really know what the feeling of their teachers and administrators is.

    We need to keep the pressure on the board members and not give up! If they are not willing to listen then we need to be willing to replace them.

  • SCHS Parent, Resident Reply


    We the undersigned request that NO Capistrano Unified School Board members attend San Clemente High School’s 2015 graduation ceremony.

    Over 200 signatures already!


    I live in San Clemente and honestly have only been following what John Alpay is doing for the students of San Clemente and their families. I am impressed!

    Today I was dumfounded when I read comments from Trustee Jim Reardon on social media. Prior to today. I did not follow Jim. In fact, all I knew about him is that I have seen him fall asleep and look totally disinterested at the last 3 school board meetings.

    Today I I checked him out on social media. Check it out for yourself!

    6.8.2015 In regards to the lights flickering yesterday, he said “Welcome to the Third World”.

    Really? How unbelievably ignorant is this guy to believe that we are experiencing life in the Third World here in Orange Country because we had a slight disturbance of flickering lights.

    In the same post he stated, “ Trust and respect are earned, easily lost.” Quoting the SDG&E website. LOL!

    Enough said.

    Good to see that his partner in crime Gila Jones commented on his post quoting Wikipedia!

    6.1.2015 Reardon posted “another reason to stop it” , regarding the Common Core. Obviously he was not educated with the high standards of the Common Core, because anyone who learns to read and respond to complex text, understands that it is absurd to compare Orange County to “Third World Nations”. Which by the way is a term that has not been used in a very long time.

    The article that he was referring to, however, made the claim “Ask local school board members and parents today if independent decisions for their schools can be made, the response will be a resounding “No.”

    Too funny, because the big decision that the Trustees CAN MAKE is whether or not to keep an arrogant and ignorant superintendent who is not working in the best interest of students.

    Wake Up Trustee Reardon!

  • Can we add that we also don’t want Vital or Bretlinger there either? Where is the petition, I will sign! Someone should sit outside the Black and Red game on Thursday night for all the football player parents to sign as well.

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