Beef Burritos
Lisa’s Kitchen & Pedro’s Cocina
Swallow’s Inn, 31786 Camino Capistrano, San Juan Capistrano

The Dish (1280x853)
Beef burritos from Lisa’s Kitchen & Pedro’s Cocina. Photo: Eric Heinz

Good things come in little packages, and at the Swallow’s Inn in San Juan Capistrano, it comes just like that.
As the undergarments with signatures dangle from above, along with other Western hoopla and tradition, the atmosphere is cozy and comforting.

Lisa’s Kitchen and Pedro’s Cocina is nestled in the back of the bar, where breakfast, lunch and dinner is served.

Beef or chicken burritos are served in four small quadrants, and the carne asada was sampled. The meat was more tender than wool and the beans were cooked to a pleasing texture. Salsa rojo or verde are always the options. The red salsa was spicy enough not to deter even sensitive palates.

There’s a certain balance to the Mexican food staple that demands a serving have just enough of each: tomato, lettuce, peppers (optional) and always salsa. The tangerine slices were also a fun and unique addition.

Gourmet and finer bar food is becoming more popular, and Lisa’s Kitchen and Pedro’s Cocina has found a winning combination.

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