Bubba Kahunas Pizza & BBQ Co.
34320 Pacific Coast Highway, Dana Point

Bubba Kahunas Pulled Pork Pizza. Photo: Matt Cortina
Bubba Kahunas’ Pulled Pork Pizza. Photo: Matt Cortina

By Matt Cortina

I’m a pizza snob, raised on the thin crust offerings of New Jersey, and therefore I don’t much go for deep dish, Detroit, Rocky Mountain, California Pizza Kitchen, whatever Pizza Hut is, nor any other specialty za. For me, pepperoni is even one frill too far.

However, Bubba Kahunas has changed my mind about what the humble pizza pie can be, and I’m betting they’d do the same for other pizza purists.

Take the pulled pork pizza, which was billed by the counterman as simply “something you don’t see everywhere.” Feeling game, I jumped in.

What it is, is a specialty pizza that doesn’t stray away from the core fundamentals of pizzahood. It’s got a thin, crispy crust, that has a very subtle honey-like sweetness. It’s got mozzarella cheese expertly apportioned as a texture builder. The pulled pork is tender and also not absurdly heaped on. And the cole slow on top is tangy and crunchy, and its acid blends well with the vinegar in the barbecue sauce, to create a taste profile that’s as wide ranging as the rainbow.


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