Tuna Poke
Kamea Poke
34320 Pacific Coast Highway, Dana Point

Tuna Poke. Photo: Matt Cortina
Tuna Poke. Photo: Matt Cortina

Poke joints nowadays tend to serve beautiful food in aggressively modest means. Whether it’s a compostable box or a plastic take-home tray, the vessel indicates what’s great about the meal inside it: it’s a feast for the eyes and mouth, made for a casual beach picnic or impromptu outdoor lunch.

Kamea Poke—the Dana Point Times winner for Best Poke Place—lives up to the hype with a simple variety of fresh seafood, vegetables, sauces, toppings and additional features. You can customize your poke a thousand ways, yet what comes out is always simple and delicious.

The assembly line set-up of Kamea makes it easy to build your bowl, in this case, beautiful hunks of tuna atop brown rice, with jalapenos, scallions, avocado, pineapple, onion, ginger and sesame seeds. A spicy shoyu sauce adds umami and kick.

The poke is an enjoyable indulgence—not only are the ingredients fresh and on the healthier side of the food pyramid, but each bite is so well-balanced in flavor, texture and temperature. It’s at once creamy and crunchy, bright and savory.

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