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By Lillian Boyd

Assemblymember Bill Brough will face the same Republican candidate in California’s 2020 primary election as he did in 2018.

Mission Viejo Councilmember Ed Sachs has announced his bid to represent the state’s 73rd district, just weeks after Orange County Supervisor Lisa Bartlett went public with allegations of sexual misconduct against Brough.

Sachs ran against Brough in 2018, taking in 13.5 percent of the vote during the June primary.

“I filed to run, but I didn’t campaign,” Sachs said. “I wanted voters to have another option had allegations surfaced to the public about Brough’s sexual misconduct.”

Sachs said he had been aware of rumors of Brough’s alleged misconduct. Now that those accusations are public, he intends to run a full campaign.

On Monday, June 17, Orange County Supervisor and Chairperson Lisa Bartlett spoke at a Republican Party of Orange County’s (OCGOP) Central Committee meeting about an alleged incident that occurred in 2011, while both Bartlett and Brough served on Dana Point City Council. She cited the incident as reason for the party not to endorse Brough in his bid for reelection in 2020.

Brough denies the allegations and has since rescinded his application for OCGOP’s endorsement. Sachs says he intends on applying but has already received about a dozen endorsements, including one from Bartlett.

Brough says he believes Bartlett is repurposing a fabricated incident as retaliation for his position on the Transportation Corridor Agencies (TCA). The assemblymember had introduced state legislation (AB 1273) that would vastly restrict the authority of the TCA.

Bartlett currently sits on the TCA’s San Joaquin Hills Transportation Corridor Agency, and Sachs formerly served on the Foothill/Eastern TCA Board of Directors.

Sachs says he intends on running to curtail the “general insanity of the state legislature.”

“The progressive policies coming out of Sacramento right now are driving business and middle class out of the state,” Sachs said. “Our poorest communities can’t afford gas to commute to potential job opportunities. Businesses don’t want to invest in communities that are considered sanctuary cities.

“As for the TCA, we need to continue upholding transparency, and residents need to continue speaking out. The voice of residents is so important.”

To learn more about Sachs’ platform and to follow his campaign, visit



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comments (6)

  • It should be clearly stated that Ed Sachs is hell bent on destroying San Clemente. As a member of the TCA Board he strongly supports ramming a toll road through the middle of our town. He was a ringmaster in the TCA filing bogus FPPC complaints against San Clemente City Council members because of our opposition to his agenda. Only a fool would vote for him. He should get zero votes in San Clemente. He is a committed enemy of this town.

  • As a very strong advocate for students in the Capistrano Unified School District, I can say that Ed Sachs is a no way. He has sat quietly by while a Toll Road is being built ON SCHOOL DISTRICT PROPERTY with no wall or protective barrier. He represents a City who sued the Capistrano Unified School District when they eliminated busing because the air quality from all the cars would exceed air quality standards on the one way in and one way out road. I guess Ed likes Toll Roads more than children.

  • Why is Ed Sachs running? Because Brian Maryott and Bill Brough are against the stupid, ill-conceived toll road. Therefore they are now the enemies of all the special interest toadies who need it to continue as their cash cow. That’s right Ed Sachs is a special interest shill, just like Lisa Bartlett. What are the next ridiculous claims that will come from these people between now and November 5th?

  • I was a board member with TCA for four years representing San Clemente. I can state with absolute certainty that Ed Sachs as the chair of the 241 did not respect or welcome the comments from the public and as chair, he allowed public comment to be limited to two minutes instead of three. TCA held only 3 public forums and the last forum was the only one that had all the alignments, so the public could actually comment on them. That last forum TCA said they had “moved on” and were only there to tell the public the “next steps”. That is not welcoming public participation by any stretch of the imagination.

    The entire process TCA and their consultants have cooked up has been masquerading as an open public process and Ed Sachs is trying to rewrite history in this article.

    Ed Sachs put in his name up last election as a warning to Bill Brough not to get involved in TCA’s mess. When he didn’t act yet, Ed Sachs didn’t campaign. Now that Bill has authored a bill that tries to bring TCA back in its lane, Ed has again put his name up and uses allegations to justify his candidacy. The public Ed Sachs has mistreated is very aware of the reason he is running.

    Going after Bill Brough only after he authors a bill to finally make TCA , the County, and the State of California do the right thing is despicable, which is not beyond TCA and its supporters to do. That is the very sad part and a dark secret of our county.

    Bill Brough has represented South County well and I think he is trying to do what is right as our representative on all issues our cities face. Unfortunately in our county, that is not heralded as a good thing if you actually represent the people and not personal interests.

  • Ed Sachs is a major toll road pusher and has been continuously rude to San Clemente residents. Ed Sachs ignores all reason – a 2 Billion Dollar project that will shave maybe 2 minutes off commutes with the 241 extension – he could care less and votes to push this along time and time again. No thanks you Ed Sachs – no representation would be better than having you

  • So Ed Sachs is running….He is your man if you are okay with corrupt politicians who only care about filling their own pockets. I can honestly say he has never supported the citizen of Mission Viejo and now he wants to run for Assembly….hmm I wonder who is paying him to run? Could it be the TCA? the Poverty Pimps? or maybe the developers who want to continue to overbuild Mission Viejo. Ed Sachs want to put tollroads over schools, put road next to school but claims to care about our children? Ed Sachs has been the reason for the out of control traffic in MV and claims he isn’t behind the overcrowding of MV but his connections to developers and the TCA is shockingly corrupt. I can honestly say Ed Sachs the perfect old Chicago type of politician…he goes where the money is.

comments (6)

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