Thursday, Oct. 1

6-8 p.m. The San Clemente Chamber of Commerce’s Business for a Better San Clemente Political Action Committee, and local nonprofit organization First Amendment Voice, will host two virtual candidate forums, which are free and open to the public via the Zoom platform. The first forum will feature candidates running in the Special Election race for city council. Community members who would like to get to know the candidates are invited to register and participate. During the forums, candidates will be asked questions from both the hosting organizations and from the public, live. Registration is required at Once registered, attendees will receive a Zoom registration link prior to the event. For questions, please email

Pictured is then-candidate Gene James answering a question during the Chamber of Commerce’s candidate forum held in 2019 for the Special Election race, which James won. Photo: Shawn Raymundo

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  • Chamber letter
    I regret i can’t participate in the Chamber of Commerce candidate zoom meeting ,Id like to share some info tho
    I don’t believe in subsidization like leases but i do believe in approvals building equity like keeping the pier in good repair and augmenting the beach trail and building sidewalks and parking.
    Features like over the top beach access and great marketing will be key to our future success
    Ive talked to many 4th of July firework providers and they state using a barge is possible this would mean we can use the whole pier for fun not just the show and high priced dining . AS pie eating, dunk tank ,hot dog, vendors, skeeball, honor guards, music, ect could all be possible ,on a open pier
    The DBA must realize they can be so much prouder and better on their own, than subsidized the citizens already pick up the tab on many hidden costs like police and fire, so how bout running the office chair races with categories and awards Hay bales are cheap and reusable for feed or props
    The Chamber needs to remember to be champions? of all businesses needs and rights, even ones in pickup trucks.
    GEORGE T GREGORY 2year Council Candidate

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