By Eric Heinz 

Caltrans officials gave a presentation at the beginning of the Nov. 7 City Council meeting explaining some of the changes to the off- and on-ramp construction at the El Camino Real exit from I-5.
Abdulla Ahmed, the Caltrans project manager for I-5 south, said the Camino Real Curve Correction project was established for safety reasons. The southbound off-ramp did not give enough visibility to drivers, and statistics showed that a correction was needed.

Ahmed provided statistics from 2005 to 2008 at the current location that involved 36 accidents, two of which were fatal, due to improper driver behavior, speeding, DUI and other types of violations. Most happened during day and dry conditions, he said.
The project is now halfway complete with retaining wall reconstruction taking place. The total cost of the project is $17.6 million.

Signage on I-5 will also change to conform to what Ahmed said was a global initiative to have center-median signs instead of on one side of the highway. The entirety of the project is expected to be completed by fall 2018. Currently, there are no closures scheduled for any of the ramps on the El Camino entrance and exit points.

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