A new county-wide directive that went into effect Friday, April 24, requires all employees of any grocery store, gas station, convenience store or food preparation establishment to wear a cloth face mask or covering while at work.

The Orange County Board of Supervisors approved a directive on Tuesday, April 21, from Vice Chairman Andrew Do, who represents the county’s First District, to require employees of grocery stores, pharmacies, drug stores, convenience stores, gas stations, restaurants, food preparation establishments or retail stores in Orange County to wear masks.

The directive, reportedly in pursuant to Government Code section 8665, went into effect at midnight on Thursday. However, the regulation does not apply to customers. County health officials are still advising residents to wear masks, anyway.

“Residents can make their own face coverings at home from a variety of materials and should refrain from purchasing personal protective equipment that is critical and in short supply for our health care workers, such as N95 and surgical masks,” said Dr. Nichole Quick, an OC Health Care Agency officer.

If a city has a more restrictive rule regarding face coverings, the more restrictive rule will apply to their jurisdiction.

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  • This directive might be appropriate in the short term but will be a disaster for these business sectors mid to long term. Many of these establishments are hospitality driven. How can you be hospitable with a mask on?!?

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