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It’s rumored that Napoleon Bonaparte’s soldiers would slice off the corks of Champagne bottles when returning from victory in battle.

The participants at The Cellar on Monday night weren’t as eager for continental conquest, but they did receive lessons from Marcelino Cosio on how to use the blunt edge of a sword (well, dagger) to open a bottle of bubbly. The method is called sabrage.

By sliding the knife along the seam of the bottle, the top practically popped off bottles in dramatic fashion.

Cosio said the feat never fails to entertain a crowd, but safety is critical. The bottles need to be cold but not dunked in ice, and people who try to attempt this should never aim the cork at anyone. Take a class from a certified instructor before trying this at home.

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  • The Cellar and Marcelino Cosio know how to celebrate!

    We appreciate you educating the community in the Art of Sabrage, well done Marcelino, well done! I am looking forward to visiting The Cellar and hope I can bring my own sabre.

    Sabre the moments of your life San Clemente.

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