By Jake Howard

A rising star on the Dana Point surf scene, Asher Hodgman has been coming on strong lately. Barreling into eighth grade, he’s been using the fluidity of the current school schedule to log extra water time.

“I mostly surf at Salt Creek, Lowers, Doheny and Strands,” says Asher.

Surfing since he was 3 years old, like so many groms in this area, he learned to shred from his dad pushing him into waves at Doheny.

“I watch other people surf, and that inspires me to try new airs or carves,” Asher says, explaining what gets him stoked about surfing. “My favorite thing about surfing is probably the thrill and stoke of being able to ride a wave.”

Looking up to world champs such as John John Florence, Asher is psyched to push his own performance in the water. And he’s chasing the dream for all of the right reasons.

“I don’t know, maybe I’ll be pro or maybe not, but all I know, I just want to keep surfing and having fun,” Asher says when asked what the future holds for him.

And he’s spot on. Just keep surfing, Asher. There are few things in this world that are as much fun as riding waves, especially with friends and family.

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