By Jake Howard

“My favorite thing about surfing is definitely being out in the water with my friends and always encouraging them,” says 11-year-old San Clemente ripper Kai Finn.

And he’s right, teamwork makes the dream work. A good time in the water’s not just about the waves you catch, but the company you keep and the stoke you share.

“I love seeing my friends and other people get a sick wave and come back out super stoked,” Kai says. “This is my favorite thing about surfing, because it’s super cool to see other people super stoked out on surfing!”

Kai’s been surfing since he was 3 years old. His pops taught him how at San Onofre. These days, he goes to Shorecliffs Middle School, and when he’s not hammering the homework, you’ll probably find him out in the lineup with his crew at Lowers, T-Street or Cottons.

“I think that in the next 10 years surfing will take me to many great experiences in all kinds of waves all around the world,” Kai says about what the future may hold for him. “I think I will continue to stay positive, stoked and keep encouraging other kids, and hopefully that will take me far in my surfing career!”

The power of positivity will take you wherever you want, Kai. Go get it!

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