By Jake Howard

“Stay psyched”—that is Kingston Buchhagen’s advice.

A barrel-hunting 5-year-old from Dana Point, the stoke is real for young Kingston—and it should fire you up.

“Everything associated with surfing inspires me,” Kingston said in an email from his family. “From the community we are part of, to the smiles and laughter that the ocean and surfing brings to us all, it’s all about having fun and the adventures each day brings! It’s never the same, but it’s always epic!”

Kingston Buchhagen. Photo: Courtesy of the Buchhagen family

It doesn’t get any more pure than that, but what would you expect from a kid that’s been surfing since before he was born.

“Technically, I started surfing when I was in my mom’s tummy. She spent all day surfing until the day I was born! I literally went from her belly to the ocean,” Kingston explained in the email.

This year, he’ll be starting kindergarten, which will present new opportunities and adventures, but according to Kingston, he’s already getting an education.

“I go to the ‘University of Salt Creek,’ ” he proudly wrote.

And when asked what his favorite thing about surfing is, he quickly answered, “Getting barreled and going on big waves and staying psyched!”

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