By Andrea Swayne

Levi Gregory

Age: 18, San Clemente High School

In his second year on the surf team Levi helped the team to an undefeated season in league. In the WSA Gatorade Championship Tour, Levi took third place this month at Oceanside Harbor in Men’s 18-29 shortboard-his fourth final out of five so far-bumping his ranking up to No. 3. Levi is also No. 4 in Open Men.
At school he is especially enjoying his AP Environmental class and has discovered an interest in a possible future career as a parks ranger or in the fish and game department.
Levi enjoys spending his spare time at Pacific Coast Church serving as a middle school ministry leader. “I feel like it’s a great way for me to help out and give back,” said Levi. “I think it’s good for kids to have older peers to look up to and to let them know that when they get to high school the party scene is not the only option.”
Levi spent last summer as a surf instructor at Aloha Beach Surf Camp and says he enjoys passing on a fun, independent sport to kids who may have only been exposed to team sports.
What ever his future holds, one thing is for certain; Levi will always count surfing as an important part of his life.

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