By Jake Howard

“I’ve surfed ever since I can remember,” says Dana Point shredder Logan Harris.

That basically means the 14-year-old has been surfing his whole life. Growing up in L.A., his family moved to South Orange County earlier this year before the coronavirus changed the world.

“I first learned to surf on a longboard in Malibu with my sister and my dad,” he continued. “We liked Malibu because it used to have a Ruby’s on the pier with unlimited fries.”

Never mind the world-class waves, it’s all about the fries! When school resumes in the fall (hopefully), Harris will be a freshman at Dana Hills, where he’s looking to join the surf team.

“I love Salt Creek because it is a great break and it is always a challenge,” Harris said. “It’s steep, a long wave and it even barrels sometimes. My favorite thing about surfing is that ‘heck yes!’ feeling when you finally land a trick you’ve been working on for quite some time. I also love that rare uncrowded Lowers morning.”

But Harris isn’t just content to rise through the local ranks, the kid has big dreams.

“In the next 10 years I will probably be pulled over the falls at Pipeline and on the World Tour representing Dana Point as the first Native American kid to surf the tour,” he said.

Dedicated, passionate and inspired, Harris is surfing for all the right reasons—and if there’s unlimited fries as the journey continues, all the better.

Editor’s Note: This post has been updated to give the proper byline to Jake Howard. A previous version of this post erroneously listed Shawn Raymundo as the author.

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