Micah Almida. Photo: WSA/Jack McDaniel
Micah Almida. Photo: WSA/Jack McDaniel

By Andrea Swayne

Recent Hawaii transplant Micah Almida, 10, has been getting as much surfing experience as possible since moving to San Clemente about five months ago.

Micah has been surfing in National Scholastic Surfing Association Explorer events in Gold Coast, Northwest and Southwest conferences, earning spots in Super Grom division finals. In his main conference, NSSA Southwest, his performances have so far earned him a No. 7 ranking in the field of 18. He also recently started competing in the Western Surfing Association Championship Tour in the boys U12 division.

Micah is happy about his family’s move to San Clemente for the waves and the surf community but also for having more entertainment and cultural opportunities available to him.

“There’s a lot more stuff to experience here,” Micah said. “On Kauai it’s one thing—surfing, swimming, ocean, nothing else really—and there’s so much more to do here. We’ve been to Hearst Castle, the Nutcracker, plays and stuff, and movies. We had one movie theater on Kauai and it was on the other side of the island and only played older stuff.”

Micah is an independent study, ‘A’ student working on a fourth/fifth grade curriculum. He is an avid reader and his favorite subject is math. When he grows up he would not only like to be a professional surfer, but also an author or narrator of audio books and podcasts.

“Listening to Audible, I just liked it and thought narrating would be a good thing to do,” Micah said.

His other interests include tennis, golf and Legos.

Micah has so far earned sponsorship from Daniel Thompson/Tomo Surfboards, Kung Fu Tonic, Trace, Town and Country and Nezzy Surfboards. He counts his parents as his top sponsors and would like to thank them for their support. He also credits his older brother London for helping his surfing progress.

“He’s supportive—competitively supportive,” Micah said of his brother. “He’s real inclusive and nice. I learn a lot from him. We hang out a lot. We surf together, go everywhere together.”

Micah practices surfing every day, as part of a quest he hopes will eventually earn him paid sponsorship, qualification into the Surfing America Prime series and an opportunity to surf on the U.S.A. Junior Surf Team, on his journey to the pros.

“I’ve been working a lot with Mike Lamm and his coaching has been really helpful,” Micah said. “I also work with Sean Mattison and Kahea Hart. I’m focusing on rail surfing right now. A lot of the time when you’re young you just surf flat, so I’ve been working on getting on my rail and getting vertical.”

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