By Jake Howard

“I love the freedom of the ocean and enjoying it with friends,” says San Clemente’s Remy Todd.

That sentiment couldn’t be truer these days. With surf contests, sports and other activities on hold right now, the freedom of the ocean is pretty much a necessity.

“I always come out of the water happier than I was before I went surfing,”  Remy says.

The 12-year-old goofy-footer is wrapping up her sixth-grade year at Shorecliffs Middle School. With the weather getting sunnier and the water warming up, she has been making the most of her time at T-Street lately.

“Surfing inspires me, because there are so many good positive people in the water,” she explains. “I love the feeling of catching a good wave and surfing with my friends.”

Learning to surf with her dad when she was only 3 years old, Remy’s soaking up all the abundant surf culture in the area and looking up to some hometown talents.

“I look up to Lisa Andersen. She is always so nice, and she is a great role model,” she explains. “We are so lucky to live in a town where we get to surf with people like Griffin Colapinto, Kolohe Andino, Ian Crane, Caroline Marks, Rosy Hodge and the Gudauskas brothers.”

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