By Jake Howard

When asked when he started surfing, Salt Creek shredder Stone Childress kept it real.

“Like, 1,” said Stone. “I learned how to surf at Doheny with my dad.”

Now in kindergarten at the St. Anne School in Laguna Niguel, Stone’s pretty much been surfing his entire life, and he wouldn’t want it any other way.

“My favorite thing about surfing is surfing with my friends,” said Stone. “I just love surfing with my family and my friends. I love being in the ocean. And when there’s big waves, you can ride them. And it’s fun! I also love to skateboard and fish.”

With a bright future, Stone’s already hatching his surfing plans for when he gets a little older. When asked where he sees surfing taking him in the next 10 years, his answer is on point.

“Hopefully, to Hawaii,” said Stone. “Also, I hope to do some contests, and I would be stoked to win some trophies.”

From the big surf of Hawaii to topping podiums, considering how stoked young Stone is on that ocean living and that he’s already got almost five years in the water under his belt, there’s no question that wave-riding will take him wherever he dreams.

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