By Jake Howard

Based on the footage he just dropped on his Instagram account, Taj Lindblad isn’t really surfing like a grom anymore, but he’s still young at heart, so we’re giving him a nod for the effort this week.

Recently bringing the heat to Waco, Texas and the BSR Surf Resort, Taj’s air game is absolutely on point. He could easily go toe-to-toe with any kids his age around the world, no problem. Even the seasoned flyers would have problems keeping up with his youthful vigor. The style, the variety, the amplitude, the “radness”—Taj has it all. 

San Clemente’s reputation as a hub for high-performance surfing goes back decades. Martin Potter was the first one to start going above the lip at T-Street in the mid ’80s. Christian Fletcher, Shane Beschen and Chris Ward followed suit, each defining their respective generations by what’s possible in the air.

Taj and his kinetic brand of surfing is part of that legacy. Summer’s just getting started, and there are still a lot of waves to be ridden, but we see what you’re doing, Taj, and we’re loving it.

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