By Jake Howard

Always up for rad, ocean adventures, the Wallas are a true, blue San Clemente family, comprising big-wave surfers, divers and fishermen. This summer, the family’s been out plying the high seas for fish as we wait idly through these swell-less doldrums. And true to his waterman roots, young Zion has been crushing it with the spear.

While sister Eden keeps the vibes right at the helm of the family boat, Zion and his father, Jon, have been going deep in search of dinner—and they’ve been scoring some great fish.

When he’s not putting food on the table, Zion’s a star student at Las Palmas Elementary School, where he’s getting his Spanish wired.

Zion first popped up on the radar at the Gudauskas brothers’ annual Stoke-O-Rama contests over the past couple of years. For some reason, the swell always seems to pump for the event, and he just can’t get enough of the juice.

It’s epic to see a grom so absolutely in love with the ocean, comfortable in big waves or deep dives. It’s a passion that fuels great dreams and even greater adventures. Go get ’em, Zion!

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