By Jake Howard

One weekend, three wins.

Dana Point’s Bella Kenworthy is a force to be reckoned with, whether she’s on a surfboard or a skateboard.

During the first weekend of November, Bella entered the 2018 Exposure skate contest at the Encinitas Skatepark and dug deep to win the Exposure Bowl 14-and-under division. At only 11 years old, it was a huge win for her and illustrates just how talented she is.

Bella Kenworthy. Photo: Courtesy of NSSA
Bella Kenworthy. Photo: Courtesy of NSSA

The purpose behind the Exposure event was to help raise awareness and visibility for women who skate. This year, more than 150 competitors entered the two-day contest.

“That was a pretty massive one for her,” said Bella’s father, Jason. “She was skating really good, and the platform the girls have to perform on is unreal. It’s making a difference for these up-and-coming girls.”

With the skate competition done and dusted on Saturday, Bella on Sunday went to work at the NSSA Church Open. Held in high-quality, 3- to 4-foot surf, she didn’t skip a beat when it was time to hit the water.

Earning first-place finishes in the girls and super girls divisions, Bella clearly has no problem jumping between wheels and water.

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